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James Bond Paul: Who is your favorite 007? | Movies | entertainment

Six actors have portrayed secret agent James Bond on screen over the past 60 years, each putting their own spin on the role. With the search for the next 007 still on, wants to know who’s your favourite? Vote in our poll.

The first actor to play the iconic role on the big screen was Sir Sean Connery in 1962, and many consider him the original and the best. The late star played the character in the first five movies and reprized the role in the seventh installment, Diamonds Are Forever, in 1971.

Australian actor George Lazenby took on the role of 007 for the sixth film, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, in 1969. Despite making an impression, this was his only Bond film.

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Sir Roger Moore has portrayed Bond in seven films – the most for a single actor. His 007 career spanned 12 years from Live and Let Die in 1973 to A View to a Kill in 1985 and showed a more elegant and elegant side to the character.

After the long success of Sir Roger, Timothy Dalton took over the role for the next two films. Take a more serious approach in keeping with the character of the books that have proven popular.

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