Journalist gives rare insight on how Nagelsmann privately views 'insane' Tottenham player

Journalist Dean Jones has given an insight into how Tottenham Hotspur-linked manager Julian Nagelsmann internally views Harry Kane.

Ironically enough, Bayern Munich were keen on signing Kane in the first place before they eventually realised, as per a report that they could not meet the asking price.

As it could be a distinct possibility that Julian Nagelsmann and Harry Kane, described as ‘just insane’ by Jamie O’Hara could work in tandem at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the former’s opinion on the latter has come to the surface.

What Julian Nagelsmann thinks about Tottenham striker Harry Kane

While it is widely acknowledged that the 29-year-old is one of the best No.9’s in the world, he still manages to divide opinion somehow.

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Some accept that while Kane remains a spellbinding footballer, he should have perhaps left Spurs to join a club where he can contend for trophies. The others question the 29-year-old’s winning mentality and whether he is part of the reason of the club’s chronic failure.

As Julian Nagelsmann could be appointed as the next Tottenham manager, where he stands on the Harry Kane debate has come to the surface.

“Interestingly, Harry Kane was viewed as a man who could be brought in to eventually fill that (Lewandowski’s) spot, which would have made Nagelsmann’s route to goals at Bayern much easier.”

“He is a huge fan of Kane, publicly declaring his admiration in the past, and there would be the potential case of him being one of the few bosses in the game that could convince Kane that success is still possible by sticking around”, Dean Jones wrote on GiveMeSport.

It’s simple: if you understand the beautiful game, which Julian Nagelsmann clearly does, there is no chance in hell that you do not rate Tottenham legend Harry Kane.

Say what you want about his lack of silverware but as an individual player, Kane has been unquestionably brilliant since his debut.

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