Juan Merchan Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is Donald Trump Judge?

Juan Merchan is an acting justice of the Supreme Court of New York County. He has been serving in the position since April 2009. He oversaw a tax fraud case against Donald Trump’s business.

Judge Merchan ruled over the trial of Allen Weisselberg, a former CFO of the Trump Organization. The Columbia native has 16 years of experience on the bench.

In addition, Justice Juan M. Merchan is a former auditor at a real estate development company from over a decade ago.

Here is the complete detail about the judge, including his age, family, education and background.

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Juan Merchan Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is Donald Trump Judge?

Judge Juan M. Merchan was born in 1962 in Bogota, Colombia. Thus, as of 2023, he is 61 years old.

The criminal tax fraud case of Donald J. Trump’s family real estate business hinged on countless spreadsheets and tax records filled with indecipherable figures.

Juan Merchan oversaw the tax fraud case against the Trump organization. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

Most individuals present were unaware that one individual was remarkably well-equipped to absorb those dry details.

The acting justice of the State Supreme Court worked as an internal auditor at a small real estate development company during the early stage of his career.

He has been a jurist for over a decade and oversaw only consequential criminal trials involving the former US president. His ruling reportedly helped determine the jury’s guilty verdict during Trump’s organization’s tax fraud case.

The case’s key question was whether the defendant, the Trump Organization, was involved in a plan to give executives perks like leased Mercedes-Benzes and apartments while avoiding paying taxes on those benefits.

The incident infuriated Mr. Trump and his supporters. It might have permanently harmed the organizations and impacted the 2024 presidential campaign.

However, the gray-haired Justice Merchan kept order during the five-week trial. It was something that is sometimes missing in state court, where criminal law can be practiced in a rough-and-tumble manner.

Justice Juan Merchan Family Background

Juan Merchan, born in Bogota, Colombia, is a first-generation immigrant, reported The New York Times.

He moved to the United States with his parents when he was 6. People who knew the judge’s background said he grew up poor in Jackson Heights, Queens.

Juan Merchan Wikipedia
Juan Merchan reportedly grew up poor. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

Juan Merchan’s father served as a military officer in Colombia. His dad also worked in Colombia’s intelligence service. After moving to New York, the judge’s dad worked as a dishwasher at the old Americana Hotel in Manhattan.

Similarly, Juan Merchan’s mother did different jobs in New York, including working in toy and zipper factories and packaging food for airline meals

Juan Merchan Has Five Siblings

The judge is the youngest of six children of his parents. But he is the first one to attend college.

Merchan began working at nine. He carried groceries for tips. He washed dishes at a diner during high school and delivered kosher meat.

Likewise, he worked as a night manager at a hotel during his college days. Despite all the hardship, Merchan studied business – marketing management – at Baruch College.

He dropped out of college to work as an internal auditor at the United Nations Development Corporation. But he returned to complete his degree several years later.

Eventually, he earned his law degree (Juris Doctor) from Hofstra University School of Law in 1994.

His legal career began soon after his graduation. Since then, Juan Merchan has worked in New York County District Attorney’s and Attorney General’s offices.

In August 2006, Merchan became the Family Court judge. Since 2009 he has been an active justice in Supreme Court for New York County. Complex financial cases are nothing new to the judge.

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