Kidney transplant patient narrates ordeal at Lagos hospital

Uchenna Odoh, 28, has recounted his ordeal after a kidney transplant.

The patient, who did the transplant in 2018, is calling for assistance and investigation into his state of health.

Odoh, who spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos on telephone, said he did a kidney transplant at the St. Nicholas Hospital, Lagos.

He said that following the procedure, he kept falling ill and was medically unstable, necessitating his visit to the facility and subsequent admission at the hospital on a monthly basis.

He said: “In 2021, clinicians at St. Nicholas conducted a biopsy which involved a surgical procedure on my kidney to find out what was wrong.

“I had mild relief after the biopsy and treatment, but the running stomach and pain persisted.

“In April 2022, the doctors advised me to start dialysis since I was still unwell in spite of treatment.

“I was told that the dialysis would be once a week.

“I refused because I wasn’t ready to go through the discomfort again, more so, I could urinate unaided.

“I was an undergraduate at Imo State University, but stopped school due to sickness.”

Odoh said his medical condition didn’t improve and his sister advised him to do the dialysis.

He, however, said the frequency of the dialysis increased from once a week to three times a week, yet he still felt unwell in spite of it.

He said they were four patients that had kidney transplant on the same day in 2018 at St Nicholas Hospital, and that the others felt unwell after the procedure and later passed on.

He said: “I tried to get details about my medical condition from the doctors, but they didn’t tell me.”

However, he said that someone mentioned that he was being managed for kidney failure.

Odoh said his elder brother donated his kidney to him, and that his brother was still in good medical condition.

He added: “Since I started dialysis in 2022, my vision has been affected, and I can barely see.

“St. Nicholas referred me to an eye clinic in January/February 2023 for eyes examination.

“I went there and was told to conduct some tests.

“But I am yet to conduct it.”

On the cost implication, he said they paid N10.5 million for the transplant and N500,000 for crossmatch checks in 2018.

He said they paid between about N1.5 million as hospital bills whenever he is admitted at the hospital.

According to him, his elder sister foots the medical bill.

Odoh urged St Nicholas Hospital to share the state of his health with him for a clearer understanding of his condition.

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