Lady quits her job after boss refused to give her permission to attend choir rehearsal

The story of a woman who allegedly quit her job because her office refused to allow her to attend choir rehearsal is currently trending online.

A Twitter user, said to be the lady’s neighbour, took to the microblogging platform to relay the incident.

She stated that she noticed her neighbor had stopped going to work and approached her to question why she has been staying at home.

To her surprise, the lady revealed that she resigned because her office consistently refused to grant her permission to attend church choir rehearsals.

Lady wrote:

“So I noticed my Neighbor has not been going to work for a while now, so today I decided to approach her to know why, she said she quit her job because her office has consistently refused to give her permission to participate in her church choir rehearsals”

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The incident has sparked mixed reactions online as some netizens rebuked the lady, while others supported her decision.

@Oplehi wrote, “I don’t see anything wrong with her decision, infact she made the best decision regarding her faith, y’all are quick to say trash but you not her and she alone knows her relationship with GOD if her faith is that important to her then she did good .”

@shigoubouncing wrote, “She trusted in God to provide another that will give her time to go for rehearsal. Don’t doubt her faith”

@steadyIbile wrote, “I have declined a job worth over 100k because it includes Saturday, I go to church for rehearsals on Saturday and I can’t stop.
It’s my decision”

@segunbadmus11 wrote, “True. I once employed a young boy who showed eagerness to work , and then the day he was supposed to start he didn’t show up only to say he went to church , afterwards he said he’d be going to choir practice and mid week service every week. Ontop my work o.”

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