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Loans and grants available for home repairs

Making our homes more energy efficient has been a major focus for homeowners and all levels of government over the past year. The Manitoba Environmental Industries Association (MEIA) is launching a new website that provides a one-stop-shop for homeowners to access information on federal and provincial grants, rebates and interest-free loans that can help make your energy efficiency home Can help with renewal.

By visiting, you will find helpful videos, tips and links to help you navigate and access these programs aimed at helping you make your home more energy efficient.

In some cases, a homeowner can access both federal and provincial programs to help fund an energy saving home renovation project. Significant savings and financing options are available through two routes for both major projects and smaller energy efficiency improvements to your home:

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There are significant savings and financing options available for both major projects and smaller energy efficiency improvements to your home.

Federal Programs: Greener Homes Grants and Interest-Free Loans

These programs can help finance home efficiency upgrades through an interest-free loan (up to $40,000 per household), along with a matching grant for a portion of some upgrades (up to $5,000). To access these incentives, a homeowner will need an energy consultant to complete an EnergyGuide audit on your home – which rates your home’s efficiency and recommends measures to increase energy efficiency and comfort and reduce energy costs. Provides recommendations.

For more information about the Greener Homes Grant –

For more information on Greener Homes Loan –

Provincial Program: Proficiencies Manitoba

There are many rebates and program offers available to homeowners for energy efficiency upgrades including insulation; windows and doors; Light; shower heads; Control; Heating; advanced heat recovery ventilation (HRV) controls; pool pump; solar (generating electricity); air source and ground source heat pump (heating system); Or a more comprehensive whole-home energy retrofit. Rebates and incentives vary by program: For example, homeowners may qualify for 100% of insulation materials (pre-approval required).

In addition, homeowners can finance the cost of energy efficiency upgrades through Manitoba Hydro’s Home Energy Efficiency Loan – a convenient and affordable financing option for making energy efficiency upgrades to your home. Monthly payments are added to your energy bill and no down payment is required.

For a comprehensive home renovation that can bring significant energy savings, Efficiency Manitoba’s Home Energy Retrofit program requires an EnergyGuide assessment by an energy advisor – the same assessment as described in the Greener Homes program above. In addition, Efficiency Manitoba’s New Homes Program provides incentives for those building a new home.

For more information on exemptions and incentives from Efficiency Manitoba-

MEIA will hold free homeowner information sessions in March and April. Details regarding times and locations can be found at You can also visit MEIA’s booth at the upcoming 2023 Winnipeg Home & Garden Show at the RBC Convention Center from April 13 to 16. For more information and to purchase tickets online, visit

Lanny McInnes is president of the Manitoba Home Builders Association.


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