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Marvel pays homage to George Perez with new variant covers

Since his death last year, the comics industry has been sharing an outpouring of love for legendary writer and artist George Perez. It looks like a new series of various Marvel Comics covers will continue that trend, highlighting some of Perez’s most iconic pieces. On Thursday, Marvel revealed the first look at several of these variant covers, which will be published in June and July of this year. Covers is a partnership between the Marvel property and Perez, and will feature a collection of rare graphics, beautifully restored, colored and displayed on the covers of select Marvel issues. These covers highlight George’s legendary portrayals of Marvel’s greatest heroes, giving fans a chance to reflect on his groundbreaking work in the genre.

“George Perez may no longer be with us, but his work is immortal. And so it’s such a pleasure to be able to share these rarely seen pieces of George that he made throughout his career with all of his legion of fans,” Executive Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Marvel’s Tom Brevoort said.

Constance Eiza of The George Perez Trust shared “George loved his fans. He loved meeting them and he loved drawing for them. His joy was evident in every smile, hug and stroke of his pen.” “We are so excited and grateful that Marvel conceived this cover program to showcase some of his commissioned work for fans around the world to enjoy. We miss him dearly, but his art is part of a legacy that will continue to resonate with him in the years to come. We hope you enjoy these unreleased covers.” before! “

For sale 6/7

  • Great cover for Four No. 8 by George Perez
  • Gorgeous Four #8 Virgin Variety Cover by George Perez

On sale 6/21

  • Scarlet Witch Annual Cover #1 variant by George Perez
  • Scarlet Witch Annual Cover #1 Virgin Variety by George Perez
  • The Incredible Hulk No. 1 Variant Cover by George Perez
  • The Incredible Hulk No. 1 Virgin Variant Cover by George Perez

July for sale

  • Fuck #1 Variety Cover by George Perez
  • Fuck #1 Virgin Variety Cover by George Perez

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Cover of Avengers #2 by George Perez

(Image: Marvel Comics)

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