Meek Mill Attempts To Sign Lamar Jackson To The Patriots

Meek Mill and Robert Kraft have been pals for a long time. Kraft owns the New England Patriots and has expressed a strong interest in jail and justice reform. Ultimately, he played a significant role in Meek Mill’s release a few years ago.

Following that, the two collaborated on a number of jail reform projects. That being noted, it should come as no surprise that Meek would operate as a sort of middleman anytime a player expresses interest in joining the Patriots.

Yesterday, it was revealed that Lamar Jackson was looking for a trade out of Baltimore. Although he has been great for that team, they are refusing to give him the deal he wants. Consequently, Jackson feels slighted and would like to play for a team that respects him. According to TMZ, this apparently led to a conversation between Meek Mill and Jackson. Within that conversation, Jackson made it very clear that he wants to play for Bill Belichick and the Patriots.

Meek Mill x Robert Kraft

Meek Mill Attempts To Sign Lamar Jackson To The Patriots

During the NFL Annual League Meeting, Robert Kraft revealed that he had a conversation with Meek about Jackson’s interest. Just a few days ago, the rapper texted Kraft and told him that Jackson is available. However, Kraft has no plans to pursue the quarterback just yet. At the end of the day, it will all depend on what Bill Belichick has to say. He is the defacto general manager, and the vast majority of decisions go through him.

No matter what, the Lamar Jackson situation will be fascinating to watch. There are a few teams that could use an upgrade right about now. However, the Ravens seem very reluctant to trade their franchise quarterback, and rightfully so.

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