Melanie Martinez says new song Faerie Soiree felt like 'homecoming' of fairy energy

Melanie Martinez’s newest album Portals has the full version of Faerie Soiree. Charged with ‘fairy energy,’ the song felt like ‘homecoming,’ Melanie said introducing the song. Here we are taking a look at the meaning of Faerie Soiree’s lyrics.

Melanie Martinez’s Portals offers thirteen tracks heavily in the dark pop genre. The songs are filled with references to Greek ancient mythology including nymphs and fairies. While the album continues Melanie’s manic pixie girl theme, fans believe that the EP has been her ‘truest’ voice to date.

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Meaning of Melanie Martinez’s Faerie Soiree lyrics

Melanie Martinez’s Faerie Soiree lyrics meaning reveals the singer’s love for the mystic world. Endowed with the energy of fairy beings, Melanie sings, “Laced with love, intensive grooving….. I know how to make you go crazy every day.”

Her love for fairies and magic is reflected in the chorus when she croons, “I know a way to make you lose your pace/ Your trace, your trace/ If you wanna run with the magic/ Lose sight of the gravity of weight.”

The meaning of the title Faerie Soiree is also interesting as it depicts a gathering of all fairies. Melanie explained, “I wrote the song very quickly. I kept dancing to it, being overtaken by fairy energy. It felt like the stage of homecoming. Connecting with my soul family. A spirited soirée between me and my Fae guides.”

Melanie’s signature noir-esque born-to-die aesthetic makes the outro of the song intriguing when she sings, “I keep leaning to dying in all of my dreams/ Gather me, all of we, everyone/ I’ve been the boys and the girls/ And everyone in between.”

Tracklist of Melanie’s Portals

Melanie Martinez’s Portals has a total of thirteen songs in total including Fairee Soiree, Death, and Nymphology. Check out the complete tracklist below.

  • Death
  • Void
  • Tunnel Vision
  • Faerie Soiree
  • Light Shower
  • Spider Web
  • Leeches
  • Battle Of The Larynx
  • The Contortionist
  • Moon Cycle
  • Nymphology
  • Evil
  • Womb

Fans rank Portals songs

Pop music fans have dubbed Melanie’s Portals a ‘skipless’ album. As Melanie invites her listeners to live their true authentic lives even be it a day with faes or manic pixy dream girls.

Ranking the songs of the album, a fan tweeted:

Another added: “I’ve been trying to rank “PORTALS”, but it’s so hard because I loved every song. to narrow it down, I’d say the top 3 are Void, Battle of the Larynx, and Evil.”

A third tweet read:

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