Monalisa Stephen reacts after Paul O challenged her to reveal boyfriend’s identity for N2M

Actress and body positivity advocate, Monalisa Stephen has reacted after talent manager Paul O challenged her to reveal the identity of the man who goes down on her during her period.

You will recall that Monalisa caused a massive stir on the internet a few days ago after a video of her narrating how her boyfriend goes down when she’s on her period was shared online.

She shared the bizarre sexual detail on media personality Nedu’s podcast.

According to her, when you love someone, you accept everything about them and everything that comes out of them, including menstrual blood.

In response to her claim, Paul O stated that he is convinced that nothing of the sort occurred and that the actress only said that for clout.

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He dared her to reveal the identity of her boyfriend in exchange for a N2M reward. 

His words,

“I’m 1M% licks your Bloody Pixxy!!! On your Period. I believe she is just a clout chaser. But if your not lying call his name for 2m- Naira. Just open your mouth. Zaaaawaaa aaa”.

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Monalisa Stephen later responded to Paulo O’s offer during an Instagram question and answer session.

She asked her fans what their strangest sexual experience was, to which one fan referred to Paulo O’s two million naira offer and chastised the actress for not revealing the identity of her boyfriend.

Monalisa responded to the fan’s response with a laugh, noting that everyone in Nigeria is looking for her man.


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