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Most Republicans are on the fence about Trump’s 2024 re-election bid. Here are some of the elected officials who are supporting him so far.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Sen. JD Vance are among Republican elected officials already endorsing Trump in 2024. Anna Moneymaker / Getty Images; Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call via Getty Images; Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call via Getty Images

  • Former President Donald Trump launched his third presidential campaign in November.

  • Since then, only a group of high-profile Republicans have supported his bid.

  • Trump is the first major Republican to announce his 2024 candidacy.

Former President Donald Trump announced his return to the presidential campaign in November. But so far, most high-profile Republicans have yet to endorse him — or any other candidate.

As of Sunday, March 26, five senators and more than three dozen House members have announced they are endorsing Trump in 2024 or have expressed support for his bid. Only one Republican governor has endorsed the former president.

Trump was the first major Republican to announce a 2024 candidacy, but his party’s majority did not follow him. Most elected Republicans say they want to wait to see who enters the race, or that it is too early to judge.

Some are considering or have already launched their White House bids. So far, Trump’s former UN ambassador Nikki Haley and businessman and conservative activist Vivek Ramaswamy have announced campaigns, yet several others, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, former Vice President Mike Pence and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, are running campaigns. Rumor has it. for the GOP nomination.

As president, Trump maintained a tight grip on the Republican Party. Even after his tenure – and an unprecedented attack on the US Capitol by a mob of his supporters on January 6, 2021 – he has shown an ability to influence Republican primary voters and exact vengeance on his infighting enemies.

But after a disappointing midterm performance for the party — the GOP made only modest gains in the House, Democrats held the Senate, and several of Trump’s preferred candidates fared poorly — some see the former president’s power waning. .

Still, many of Trump’s allies and longtime loyalists are sticking with him.

Here are all the prominent Republicans who have expressed support for Trump’s 2024 campaign:

a governor

Henry McMaster – The South Carolina governor was announced as a member of Trump’s campaign leadership team at a Jan. 28 event in Columbia, where he declared that the country would see “an explosion of freedom and prosperity like we’ve never seen before.” is” if Trump is re-elected.

five senators

Lindsey Graham – The long-serving senator from South Carolina has forged a close relationship with Trump over the years, becoming one of his key allies in Congress. “I know the downside of Trump, but let me tell you about the upside of Trump: without Trump there are no Trump policies,” Graham told Fox News in January about Trump’s achievements.

markwen mullin — Another Senate newcomer, Mullin of Oklahoma, announced last week on Truth Social that she is “proud to endorse the strongest president of my lifetime, Donald J. Trump, for a second term in 2024.”

Eric Smith — The newly elected senator told POLITICO last month that he is endorsing the former president in 2024, who also endorsed Schmidt in Missouri’s GOP primary last year.

Tommy Tuberville – Alabama Senator endorsed Trump in a tweet Just days after launching his 2024 bid, he became the first Republican senator to do so. Tuberville, the former head football coach at Auburn University, later told Insider that Trump’s “experience in a leadership role” was especially important to him.

JD Vance — The freshman senator and author of the bestselling book “Hillbilly Elegy,” who garnered Trump’s endorsement in the Ohio GOP primary last year, declared his support for the former president in an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal on Jan. 31, his foreign Appreciation policy record.

37 members of the house

Brian Babin – was a Texas Congressman Name in March as part of the Trump campaign’s Texas leadership team.

jim banks Banks told The New York Times that he supported Trump after the GOP’s poor performance in the midterm elections. Trump endorsed Banks’ 2024 bid to become Indiana’s next senator in February.

Andy Biggs- former chair of the House Freedom Caucus Tweeted On the day he announced his endorsement for Trump, he wrote, “President Trump is the leader of the Republican Party. Let’s make America great again.”

mike boss – Illinois Congressman Tweeted offering his “full support” for Trump in February.

Lauren Boebert — The far-right Colorado congresswoman said on NewsNation that she “definitely” supports Trump and thinks it’s “going to be a great race.”

Michael Burgess – Texas Congressman endorsed Trump in March After being named to the Texas leadership team of the campaign of former Pres.

mike carey – Ohio Congressman supported trump on twitter The day he announced his 2024 bid.

John Carter – was a Texas Congressman Name in March as part of the Trump campaign’s Texas leadership team.

Eli Crane – Arizona Freshman tweeted his support for Trump’s 2024 bid the night of his announcement.

pat fallon – was a Texas Congressman Name in March as part of the Trump campaign’s Texas leadership team.

chuck fleshman — The Tennessee congressman told a local paper that Trump would obtain the GOP nomination “with relative ease” and that Fleishman “would have an endorsement” for the former president.

Russell Fry The South Carolina congressman who defeated a Republican congressman who voted to impeach Trump is a member of Trump’s campaign “leadership team” in the state.

Matt Getz – The Florida lawmaker has long supported a Trump recall bid, even before it was officially announced in November. Gaetz wrote in a Daily Caller op-ed in November, “If we elect Donald Trump back to the White House, there are many more achievements left for us.”

Paul Gosar – Arizona Conservative Tweeted Trump’s Make America Great Again campaign slogan was the same night he launched his campaign.

Tony Gonzales – Texas Congressman said on twitter Trump announced on the day that he “looks forward to righting the ship for President Trump once again.”

marjorie taylor green The conservative firebrand from Georgia has been one of Trump’s staunchest supporters in Congress. He Supported The former president announced his bid on the same day.

Harriet Hegman — The Wyoming congresswoman who defeated former Representative Liz Cheney with her endorsement of Trump and the rest of the GOP told Breitbart she was “proud” to run with Trump in 2024.

clay higgins – Louisiana Legislator tweeted in november He was endorsing Trump “out of the gate”. He later told Insider that Trump was “the best president I’ve ever had in my lifetime.”

Richard Hudson — The chairman of the House GOP campaign branch told a local outlet in November that he supports Trump in 2024 but “if someone defeats him in the primary, I will support him.”

Wesley Hunt- Texas freshman have also endorsed Trump for 2024, according to The Texas Tribune.

Ronnie Jackson — Texas lawmaker, former White House physician famous for his rosy assessments of the president’s health and “incredible genes.” supported his former patient A few days after the announcement of Nov. He told Insider in December, “I don’t need to look any further.” “I know Trump knows what needs to be done.”

jim jordan — The Congressman from Ohio, currently chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, told Breitbart even before Trump officially announced his campaign that the former president is “the perfect candidate” for 2024.

Anna Paulina Luna — The freshman Florida lawmaker told POLITICO in March that she is backing Trump over her home-state governor, Ron DeSantis.

mary miller Second term Congresswoman from Illinois Tweeted in support of Trump The night of his campaign launch.

max miller – The freshman Ohio congressman, who used to work in the Trump White House, endorsed the former president on the night of his announcement and Said He “would not be here without their support.”

barry moore — The Alabama congressman endorsed Trump in a radio interview in December, citing the former president’s “experience level.”

troy nehls – Another Texas lawmaker, Nehls visited mar-a-lago As for Trump’s announcement, the latter told Insider: “We’re not electing a pope.”

George Santos Scandal-hit New York freshman announced In February it was written on Twitter that Trump “will be the 47th President.”

pete session – was a Texas Congressman Name in March as part of the Trump campaign’s Texas leadership team.

Alice Stefanik – The No. 3 House Republican endorsed Trump just days before his widely expected 2024 announcement in November.

dale strong — The freshman Alabama congressman endorsed Trump in a Facebook post in November 2022.

William Timmons – The South Carolina congressman joins Trump to announce the South Carolina leadership team.

Jeff Van Drew — The New Jersey congressman, who switched parties during Trump’s first impeachment, endorsed the former president shortly after his run, telling a local outlet that he is a “loyal man.”

beth van dune – Texas Congresswoman Name in March as part of the Trump campaign’s Texas leadership team.

randy weber – was a Texas Congressman Name in March as part of the Trump campaign’s Texas leadership team.

roger williams – Texas Congressman endorsed Trump in March After being named to the Texas leadership team of the campaign of former Pres.

joe wilson – The South Carolina congressman was also named to Trump’s 2024 South Carolina leadership team.

This list is updated periodically as more Republican elected officials support Trump.

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