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Music NFT platform The TopSpotOnline acquires a thriving indie artist music community to launch its

Music NFTs can now replace CD sales as a source of revenue for independent new artists.

Cary, NC, March 25, 2023 /24-7Press Release/ – has just garnered a thriving online Facebook community of 60,000 and counting, up and coming recording artists. This acquisition is set to lay the foundation for TheTopSpotOnline to become the leading platform for Music NFTs. This community is made up of talented artists looking for new and innovative ways to monetize their music, and is using their Music NFT platform to be able to offer them the opportunity to create Music NFTs Thrilled.

In the music industry, it can be difficult for independent artists to make a living from their music. Traditional methods of making money, such as CD sales and touring, are becoming less and less profitable. With the rise of streaming platforms, artists and record labels are making less money from streams than from selling CDs. But now, there’s a new way for artists and labels to monetize their music – through Music NFTs on

Earlier a Music NFT was simply an NFT that had a unique musical composition attached as its digital component. Music on TheTopSpotOnline is linked to NFT streaming platform where stream count, playlist joins and song popularity can be tracked by TheTopSpotOnline platform. So, a musician with music on Spotify or SoundCloud can create a music NFT collection on TheTopSpotOnline. Bind Music NFTs to a song on any supported streaming platform. Authorize the sale of a limited number of music NFT editions to their fan base. Then reward new Music NFT owners with token pay-outs as the number of streams and popularity of the attached song grow.

Music NFTs on TheTopSpotOnline offer artists a new opportunity to monetize their music. Music NFTs can now replace CD sales as a source of revenue for independent new artists. is set to become the premier Music NFT platform for artists looking to monetize their music in a fresh and innovative way.

Before Music NFTs, fans shared and listened to music because they loved the music. Now fans are getting a return when they stream and share the music of their favorite artists. The more streams there are for a song associated with a music NFT, the more crypto-tokens the artist can earn. Therefore, fans acting as fans position them as the implicit originators of the artist and their music.

The rise of music NFTs marks the beginning of a new era for independent artists. The traditional ways of making money in the music industry are changing, and artists need to adapt in order to survive. By adopting new technologies like Music NFTs, independent artists can take control of their careers and build a sustainable income stream.

TheTopSpotOnline, Inc. is a technology company that aims to change how content creators and fans interact., the company’s flagship product, allows artists to monetize their work, as well as allowing fans to support and profit from their favorite recording artists. TheTopSpotOnline is committed to changing the way music is bought and to show that music NFTs are the future of the industry.

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