“My husband always insults me in public, doesn’t give me money for hair, clothes, or cream” — Nigerian woman laments bitterly

A Nigerian woman, identified as Violet Omhenke, has taken to Facebook to vent about how her husband maltreats her in their home.

Violet shared her marital woes in a Christian group on the social media platform on Friday, March 31, and sought advice from the members.

She revealed that her husband has no regard for her, insults her in public, and threatens to send her packing at the slightest provocation.

One black woman depressed in front of window

According to her, her husband doesn’t take care of her basic needs, and has refused to give her money to start a business.

The woman, who appeared frustrated, said she had considered leaving the marriage, but her siblings advised her to endure the ill-treatment because their family does not divorce.

Violet wrote,

“Please I need advice in the house, when I never ask my husband something he always tells me, nothing about me concerns him. He doesn’t have money for hair, clothes and even to buy cream, nor even to open a store. He always insults me both in public. He always tells me he will pack my things out one day. I ‘ve told my sister and brother everything, still they told me to stay. They said in my family d women do not marry 2 times. Please I need advice and help bcos I don’t have father and mother anymore, please.”

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