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Nigerian students in Turkey cry out over irregularities, infractions 

A section of the Nigerian students studying in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRCN), have voiced out on the irregular dealings of its National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) in Nigeria.

The students stated that, some persons within and outside the confinement of the association, have hijacked its objectives while promoting the contrary to create conflicts amongst students.

According to a press statement signed by Welfare Director NANS Turkish Zone, Comrade Umar Ahmed, said “the association is presently marred by so many crookedness and problems that unless resolved, it will turn out to be a disaster that no one could ever imagine how much of damage it will cause to the Nigerian students studying in the areas in which the association is representing with emphasis on the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.”

The statement further said, “Since the inception of the association for about a decade now, there have been numerous successes being achieved to unite and protect the rights of all Nigerian students. But along the line, the association has lost its legitimacy to carry out its duties due to the association’s hijack by some unscrupulous elements within and outside the association, who are guided by selfish and egocentric agendas that are capable of destroying the image of the association and at the same time inciting hatred, promoting religious and ethnic sentiments that are bound to cause division and conflict between Nigerian students studying in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

“These particular elements, which include past and present officials in both the association’s senate and executive body, have resorted themselves as the only ones that can decide on which direction the association goes while at the same time undermining the constitutional powers guiding the association. They don’t mind going to any extent to see that they have achieved their aims which is fully against the interest of the association and the Nigerian students that they represent.”

The statement lamented that the person parading himself as the Senate President of the association was suspended from the association, based on the recommendation of an independent panel set up by the association’s President as a result of derogatory and divisive comments.

“After 2 university caucuses questioned his legitimacy to occupy the seat of the senate presidency, he went ahead to illicitly suspend the universities from the association and at the same time barred them from participating in any activity that involves service to Nigerian students in Northern Cyprus, thereby depriving them from enjoying their rights and privileges as Nigerians despite these universities having good relationships with the Nigerian Embassy in Turkiye and having good number of Nigerian students in those universities,” he added.

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