“No court higher than God”: Kantigi concedes defeat, vows to keep fighting for the people

From John Adams, Minna

Alhaji Isah Liman Kantigi, the governorship candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the recently concluded Niger State governorship election, has accepted the outcome of the election. He stated that he will not challenge the election results and believes that the outcome was the will of God.

In a statement he made in Minna, Kantigi said, “there is no court or tribunal that is higher than the judgment of God who knows the end from the beginning.”

He also mentioned that he will not be discouraged by the loss and will continue to fight for the betterment of the people, particularly those in the rural areas.

Despite the outcome of the election, Kantigi promised to remain dedicated to the people’s welfare, stating that “till I die, I will continue to fight for the people. The outcome of the election will not dampen my morale.”

Kantigi called for Niger State leaders to come together to address the issue of poverty and lack of infrastructure in the state, stating that the people are suffering. He added that poverty is the root cause of vote-buying, which was rampant during the election.

When asked if he will support his party’s decision to challenge the election result at the tribunal, Kantigi stated that it is the party’s decision, but he believes that there is no court higher than the court of God.

Kantigi congratulated the Governor-elect and warned him to be cautious of sycophants and betrayers who are not interested in the people’s welfare. In the election results, Kantigi lost to Hon. Umar Mohammed Bago of the All Progressives Congress (APC), who received 469,896 votes, while Kantigi received 387,476 votes.

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