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Olivia Rose Keegan Opens Up About ‘Wild Card’ Duela (EXCLUSIVE)

Gotham Knights It premiered last week on The CW, offering viewers a new look at Gotham City and the lore of Batman and this time it’s lore without Batman. The series debuted with the murder of Bruce Wayne/Batman and the arrest of his adopted son, Turner Hayes, and three others for the crime soon after. Among those accused of the unimaginable crime is Duela, aka the Joker’s daughter. A young criminal operating in Gotham City — as well as being the daughter of the infamous Joker — Duela is unpredictable, but according to Olivia Rose Keegan, who brought Duela to life in Gotham Knights, her wild card status is something she can use her favorably.

“I hit the nail on the head with it because it’s a wild card,” Keegan said recently. “I love her so much. She’s definitely a loose cannon. She’s a survivor. She grew up on the streets of Gotham and learned how to fend for herself at a very young age, kind of being born in the lowest sector of the system. She’s also the Joker’s daughter. And she made her way into the world by adhering to this the predetermined judgment which others had assigned to her, and certainly returned to work in her favor or used to work in her favor,”

“There is a lot of humanity to unpack with her,” Keegan continued. “Of course, the absent father. Not only an absent father, but also a serial killer father. And we don’t really know what the situation is with her mother yet, but we can go on and conclude that it’s not a picture perfect mother situation at all. She is constantly torn between worshiping her father and the way she He shook her up the chaos of Gotham City’s very corrupt system and then hated his courage for abandoning her. So, there’s a lot going on. But she refuses to be a victim of her circumstances and that’s something I love about her.”

And with this week’s episode, “The Crime Scene,” viewers already know a little more about Duela: She’s also pretty smart. At the end of the series pilot, Duela is seen realizing that the Court of Owls is behind the predicament she and her fellow fugitives are in, and seems, at this point, to be the only person who truly understands how serious it all is. This moment is a major premise in this week’s episode, Keegan said.

“At the end of the first episode, she lets everyone know what’s going on and what they’re dealing with. And I don’t know if there’s enough bonding between her and all her fellow Rangers for her to go out of her way to protect them and really make sure they know,” Keegan said. What I told them about the deal. If they want to believe it and take the smart route they can do it. And if not, like I said, she’s a survivor and knows how to take care of herself.”

Gotham Knights Airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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