Poultry farmers warn using antibiotics for chickens harmful to humans

The Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN), Lagos State chapter, has warned farmers against using antibiotics in poultry rearing to protect consumers’ lives.

The PAN Lagos chairman, Mojeed Iyiola, gave the warning in an interview on Wednesday in Lagos.

Mr Iyiola said it was essential to sensitise farmers and consumers on the adverse effects of antibiotics on poultry and human beings.

“Even on the package of the antibiotics, they indicate that there are elements of residual effect in any animal that uses the drugs.

“These residues have been linked to causing sicknesses such as cancers, the resistance of humans to drugs and even sudden death,” Mr Iyiola told reporters.

He, however, called on the farmers to adopt probiotics as a safer option.

“There is no overdose or underdose of probiotics, and it has no negative effects whatsoever on birds and humans. We keep sensitising farmers to adopt probiotics,” Mr Iyiola said.

Also, Adewale Balogun, the chief executive officer, Samdor Associates, said that antibiotics had been banned in poultry rearing all over the world due to the health implications.

Mr Balogun, a patron of PAN Lagos, also urged farmers to desist from using antibiotics in poultry farming, stressing that it was harmful to humans.

“When antibiotics become so much in the birds’ system, their performance and output will become low. Antibiotics also make the bird produce smaller-sized eggs.

“Probiotics is safe for the birds and help to reduce the cost of production. The best thing is to use probiotics which is more beneficial to poultry growth and development,” he said.


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