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Quick leveling grinding for Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the latest JRPG of the beloved Xeno series. The game features a vast open world for players to explore and a wide range of missions, side missions, and other activities. The story of the game features two protagonists, Noah and Miu, who are trying to stop a war between two nations.

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Players may invest more than 100 hours before they see this epic adventure through to its conclusion. On their journey to complete the game, they will come across a massive and frightening group of monsters to fight. The level of difficulty of challenges and enemies increases as the story progresses, so, to keep up with it all, players will need to constantly level themselves up to survive against their many enemies. Fortunately, many of the game’s mechanics support level grinding. Those who find themselves in need of a boost should take a look at these techniques.



Exploration is one of the easiest ways to earn more experience and level up faster in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Players can find something to do in almost every corner of the expansive map. While conquering the many chapters of the game, they will see a lot of the world, but it is also very rewarding to venture outside of that.

Landmark exploration is a convenient source of experience. There are several landmarks for players to explore across the different regions in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Discovering one will reward you with a certain amount of experience, both instantly and automatically.

While roaming around the map, fans will also come across many secrets and valuables. While spotting landmarks gives them the most experience, they can also get some from exploring Small locations, such as colonies. Such places will produce less experience, But they are all valuable to support your party.

Unique monsters

Throughout the journey in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, You will face four different types of monsters: Normal, Lucky, Classy, ​​and Unique. All of them, of course, give a different amount of experience. The higher the risk, the higher the reward.

Unique monsters are the most dangerous enemies in the game. They can be found in several locations in different areas of the map. They are usually larger than any other monsters in the game, and can be identified by the distinctive orange borders around their names.

They are called monster bosses in this game, and they can wipe out an unprepared group with just a few hits. Given the stakes, defeating Unique Monsters will also grant an enormous amount of EXP.

However, unique monsters can be very difficult to encounter for new players. They can instead target Elite Monsters, which also provides higher experience upon defeat without being uncollectible. Once a strong party is formed and battle strategies honed, unique monsters become a more realistic target.

It is only wise to challenge monsters close to the party’s level. It’s best not to challenge monsters more than three levels above that.

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EXP reward system

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Party is displayed on the menu screen

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 also features an additional EXP system. This experience accumulates over time as players continue their usual activities. Later, This experience can be cashed into Rest Spots and Colony Barracks to level up a character or the entire party. This is one of the most important ways to quickly gain experience, and it can be accumulated in several ways:

  • Skirmishes: small battles between monsters where the party must choose a side. While exploring the world, fans will come across many skirmishes where two factions fight each other. In this case, the team must choose one of the factions to help. Each faction will offer different rewards for helping them in each skirmish.
  • exploration: Exploration involves exploring landmarks that provide additional experience, as discussed earlier. There are about 50 landmarks around the world of Aionios. It is very useful then Select a specific area and explore all the landmarks around that area before moving to a new area.
  • Overkill series of attacks: Use chain attacks on weak monsters to gain extra experience. The party learns to chain attack while finishing Chapter 2. These moves work like combo attacks, seeing each party member strike one monster after another before the enemy can strike back. These attacks bring in a large amount of additional experience, so players must take care to implement them in their battle strategies as much as they can.
  • Discuss topics: You can discuss certain topics with NPCs in order to gain some extra experience. Before these options become available, The player will need to eavesdrop on other conversations happening around his barracks to get some specific information. This feature is unlocked upon completion Chapter 3. Once successful, the option to discuss in the barracks or resting places will appear. However, discussing topics can sometimes give you an extra task rather than give you extra experience.

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Hero quests and side quests

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Hero Quest Sideshow: Eunie Acceptance

Aside from the standard missions, which are related to the main story of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and necessary to progress, The game also features hero missions and side missions. Completing these additional tasks will provide the team with a fair amount of additional experience.

Side quests are generally smaller bonus quests that are (relatively) easy to complete. On the other hand, hero quests are generally more difficult, but correspondingly more rewarding. The key to leveling up faster, then, is not to rush through the story but to take advantage of every additional mission on offer. By doing so, a wealth of additional information about this wonderful world can also be accumulated.

NPC interactions

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Conversation with an NPC

The vast game world is inhabited by many NPCs, each of whom lives their own life and has different opinions about the events taking place around them. Interacting with NPCs can also give some extra experience. The ability to listen to NPC conversations is gained after completing Chapter Three.

Moreover, some of them will give the team additional tasks, a source of more experience. NPCs that the protagonist can chat with will have a yellow chat bubble above their heads. It is also possible to tap them by pressing the ZR button while standing near NPCs. Keep in mind, however, that some people are only found at a specific time of day.

To help complete a specific objective at the “wrong” time of day, use the time skip mechanic to generate the associated NPC and finish the task.

EXP Boosting Meals

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Michiba Canteen Order Food Screen

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, there are a lot of recipes that can be cooked. Some of them will reward the party with an experience boost each time they are consumed. Enjoying these meals before setting off on Xenoblade Chronicles 3 adventures will greatly increase the amount of experience received during the journey. It is important to note this The effect only lasts for a limited time, so time attack on unique monsters and other valuable targets wisely.

Meals can be cooked at specific resting spots around the map (look for the cooking marker on the minimap). Here is a list of recipes that provide an increase in experience:


order in

The effect of enhancing the experience

continues to


Battle Soup

Story Quest

+ 5% experience boost

49 minutes


Redfish Grillwrap

lambda colony

+ 20% experience boost

37 minutes

1000 gr

Whole Wild Lobster

Michiba canteen

+10% experience boost

45 minutes

1700 gr

Acqua Pazza a la City

Michiba canteen

+ 25% experience boost

37 minutes

1500 gr

For best results, players should try to combine these effects with other experience boosting opportunities, as discussed. The party will soon rise through the levels.

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