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Resident Evil 4 Remake: 10 Best Weapons, Ranked

Resident Evil 4 brings Capcom’s beloved horror remake into the modern age with a fresh coat of paint, mechanical tweaks, and sound design that puts the player’s audio settings through their paces. Among these fixes are changes to Leon’s firearms, some nearly identical to the original, while others are new to the title or radically overhauled.

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When it comes to saving the chief’s daughter and defeating the forces threatening the Las Plagas virus, Leon deserves only the best. Transforming men, wolves, and salamanders abound in the player’s path, and using the right weapon for the right situation will reward players with loot and joy.


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10 W-870

Similar to the original game, this action-packed beauty is one of the first weapons Leon can come across in the game world. It can be found in a second-story house in the first village, where the original is located.

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To deal with hordes of infected villagers or injured or rampaging Special Saw men, the W-870 is the perfect early game replacement when players find themselves in a sticky situation. Keeping the blazing rush at bay is a tried and true tradition the W-870 continues with pride.

9 Matilda

A friend back from Raccoon City. Accurate to shoot and boasting a healthy magazine capacity, the Matilda is a solid tool to serve as Leon’s main gun in the later stages of the game. In addition, if players can obtain the inventory attachment from the merchant, the weapon can be converted into a submachine gun. For accurate shooting and versatility, the Matilda is a powerful little gun.

8 The Punisher

Capcom third person shooter re4 edition hexagon punisher 5-7

Penetrating power for a low cost is none at all! The Punisher gun can be obtained in a deal with the merchant if players have 5 gems that can be earned by completing special tasks for the merchant.

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The Punisher has the ability to hack through targets and strike multiple enemies at once, and it’s relatively affordable to upgrade to a more powerful weapon. For the ease with which the weapon can be earned and the benefits of hitting grouped enemies at once, the Punisher is a solid upgrade to Leon’s first gun.

7 1903 Saudi riyals

Capcom third person shooter re4 remake sniper rifle 1903 long weapon

The 1903 is a beloved workhorse gun and a returning favorite, and it’s the first gun players can buy from the Merchant. If players are keen to check corners and loot fallen enemies, there should be enough money and valuables to buy the weapon. The first proper long-range weapon, the 1903 can make short work of enemies at a distance, saving rifle and handgun ammo for closer engagements. Although easy to replace later, the SR 1903 carries a good bit of the game on its back in style.

6 broken butterfly

Capcom third person shooter Resident Evil 4 Broken Butterfly Magnum

A carry weapon from ages past, the Broken Butterfly has never gotten more out of a fight than it did in 2005. The Broken Butterfly is a slow-release, hard-hitting magnum with a much-desired penetrating ability, which makes crowd control much more viable.

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Magnum ammo is scarce and in demand, so weapons like the Broken Butterfly should not be used lightly. When the time is right, Broken Butterfly can carry Leon through infected hordes in style.

5 Killer 7

capcom third person shooter resident evil 4 remake killer7 grenade gun terminator weapon

A well-executed cinematic reference and a powerful weapon to have on hand, the Killer7 deals more base damage than The Broken Butterfly and can be upgraded to boast a healthy magazine capacity and rate of fire, making this massive hand cannon even deadlier. Providing hacking power to strike multiple enemies, Killer7 can dispatch specially-combined and infected combos with relative ease in stunning form. When Leon has Killer7 in his grasp, all infected enemies are now targeted.

4 stingray

Capcom resident evil 4 third person shooter gun stingray weapon

A near-complete upgrade from the SR 1903, the Stingray is a stylish and rugged semi-auto rifle that means business. Like the 1903 and a handful of other firearms, the Stingray can hack multiple targets but also has access to a variety of visual sights for the player to exchange at their leisure. The biggest downside will likely be the size of the gun in a pouch stock, as it will take up a notable amount of space. If players can get around this, the Stingray will easily become the player’s main long-range firearm.

3 5 pounds

capcom third person shooter re4 remake le 5 mp5 smg weapon in stock

Quick-firing, elegant, creative, and versatile, the LE 5 is the best submachine gun Leon can get in the Resident Evil 4 remake. The LE 5 has the ability to mount optical sights, a feature that was originally heavily restricted and only worked with sniper rifles.

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The 5 pound is effective at controlling crowds and stunning enemies, with a modest but upgradeable magazine capacity and penetrating power, allowing players to spray and pray at any and all infected abominations trying to get in the face of Leon. With a few upgrades thrown in, the 5 guinea is the ultimate approach weapon for ancient castle lanes, damp caves and crumbling village squares.

2 black tail

Capcom third person shooter re4 remake black tail firearm gun

What Blacktail lacks in tricks and special abilities, he makes up for in strength and precision. The Blacktail is accurate and hard-hitting, short of Magnums but with unwavering toughness against enemies, perfect for staggering headbutts, knocking lit dynamite out of enemies’ hands, and pinning that last pesky blue medallion that’s been hiding in plain sight. Blacktail can be used up close and far, only being hit with sniper rifles in the hands of skilled and patient players. If there was ever a sidearm to take up arms against Las Plagas, it would be Blacktail.

1 CQBR assault rifle

capcom third person shooter re4 remake m4 assault rifle cqbr in the game

An honest assault rifle with all the desirable trimmings and perks that come with it, the CQBR comes with penetration power, an optical rail for different sights, full auto fire, and devastating damage. While ammo can be scarce and time consuming to manufacture, the CQBR’s sheer firepower ensures that any use of it will prove a huge hit for the player. From crowd control and dispatching special infections to boss fights and ambushes, Leon will never be as safe as he has a loaded gun in his hands, and it’s even safer when he’s a CQBR.

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