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Return on investment (ROI) of pension funds for February 2023

Key highlights

  • This article looks at the performance of Pension Funds for February 2023 and since inception of each fund
  • The figures used to present the performances are unaudited.
  • A detailed report using 2021 audited accounts and is available to download here.

The runaway performer for the month of February in all funds they offered was NPF Pensions. Their funds topped to performance tables for Fund I to IV. 

Fund I

Growth in RSA Fund I for February 2023, which allows up to 75% exposure to variable income instruments, in other words riskier investments which are generally meant to produce greater returns over the long run was led by NPF Pensions Fund I, followed by Oak Pensions Fund I, both returning in excess of 4%.


Since inception of to 28 February 2023 the Stanbic IBTC Pensions Fund I continues to lead the performance table growing since inception in July 2018 by 118.32%. The other four in the top five are Veritas Glanvills Pensions Fund I (83.51%), Oak Pensions Fund I (79.69%), CrusaderSterling Pensions Fund I (77.65%) and Leadway Pensure PFA Fund I (71.87%). The average return of all Fund I’s since inception was 58.60%.



Fund II

The performance table for fund II for the month of February 2023 was topped by NPF Pensions Fund II. Fund II is the default fund for all RSA holders until anyone opts to switch providers.



The performance of Fund II since inception is led by CrusaderSterling Pensions Fund II with a return of 590.29%, followed by Premium Pension Fund II (548.32%), ARM Pensions Fund II (518.01%), Stanbic IBTC Pension Managers Fund II (495.59%), NLPC PFA Fund II (476.08%) and FCMB Pensions Fund II (473.05%). Nupemco Fund II and NPF Pensions Fund II were late starters. The average return of all Fund II’s since inception was 384.08%.


Fund III


Since inception of Fund III in 2018, Tangerine APT Pensions Fund II has returned 82.89%, NLPC PFA Fund II (81.23%), Guaranty Trust Pension Managers Fund III (80.36%), Radix Pension Managers Fund III (78.62%) and CrusaderSterling Pensions Fund III (78.60%). The average return of all Fund III’s since inception was 68.59%.



Fund IV



For Fund IV, which is for retirees, since inception the leader of the pack is the Stanbic IBTC Fund IV which has returned to 28 February 2023 486.02%. The Stanbic IBTC Fund is followed by NLPC PFA Fund IV (434.10%), Oak Pensions Fund IV (420.53%), Veritas Glanvills Fund IV (420.43%) and ARM Pensions Fund IV (415.36%).


Fund V

Whilst not all PFA’s offer Fund V, the performance of those that do and publish prices and other information on their website shows that the ranking of the top 5 Fund V for February 2023 and since inception were as follows:




Fund VI (Active)

For the few that offer and publish information on the Fund VI (Active), the table and chart represent the respective fund performances in the month of February and since inception to 28 February 2023:





Fund VI (Retiree)

For the few that offer and publish information on the Fund VI (Retiree), the table and chart represent the respective fund performances for the month of February and since inception to 28 February 2023:



The tables below have been compiled using the daily prices as published by each respective PFA. However, they are unaudited. They represent a global view of returns of ALL funds to 28 February 2023. Your fund’s audited returns since inception to 31 December 2021 are available to download here MoneyCounsellors Annual Report on Pensions (MCARP 2022). 2022 audited performances will be presented in due course.

Month of February 2023


Pension Fund Returns 2023 Year-to-date


Pension Fund Returns Since inception to February 2023


Download the Money Counsellors Annual Report on Pensions (MCARP 2022) for a full analysis of all Pension Fund Administrators (PFA) in one single document. The report presents a holistic review of the last five years of activities of all PFAs, and the funds managed, including 5-year summary company and fund accounts, ratios, fund performances, fund performance rankings vs. peers, asset allocation, AUM ranking, RSA ranking and much more. The Report is a must read for all 9.9m RSA holders and those thinking of signing up to a PFA or switching a PFA.

Our data and information provided is based on public data, our regulatory intelligence effort, from our archives, and other public sources such as from Fund Managers, FMAN, Pension Fund Administrators (PFAs), PenOp, etc. We have taken care to ensure that the information is correct, but MoneyCounsellors neither warrants, represents, nor guarantees the information’s contents, nor does it accept responsibility for any errors, inaccuracies, omissions, or inconsistencies contained herein. Because past performance does not predict future performance, it should not be used to make an investment decision. We make no product recommendations. No news or research item on our website or in this document should be interpreted as a personal recommendation to buy, sell, or switch any investment. Investments and the income generated by them rise and fall in value, so you may receive more or less than you invested.


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