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‘Ronj’ Star John Fuda’s Net Worth Proves His Success as an Entrepreneur

More than a trophy husband. real housewives of new jersey star John FudaNet Worth Proves He’s A Successful Entrepreneur, But How Does He Make His Money? Keep reading to find out the net worth and career details of the reality star.

What is ‘Ronj’ Star John Fuda’s Net Worth?

While John’s exact net worth is unclear, several outlets have listed his wealth as of 2023 between $1.25 million and $5.5 million.

John Fuda is an entrepreneur

The New Jersey native worked hard for his money, which included owning and operating several businesses.

John founded The Valet King in April 2013 and has since grown out of New Jersey to include luxury parking services in New York and Miami.

John shared about his company via LinkedIn, “I founded Valet King as a parking management company with a mission to provide unparalleled customer service to complement any and all events.” “Our team is driven by our dedication to the specific needs of customers, and we work hard to implement a consistent, engaging approach.”

According to their profile, Valet King has expanded from valet and now includes concierge and receptionist services.

“We ensure that all our customers are served with utmost professionalism, as we are an extension of the host. We strive to improve the hospitality industry and help make every event a success,” he continued. kept.

In addition to Valet King, John has also been the manager of Ramsey’s Fuda Tile & Marble for over 20 years.

When did John Fuda join ‘Ronj’?

john and wife Rachel Fuda They are one of the newest additions to the long-running Bravo series. The pair got engaged in February 2023 during season 13, which began filming just seven weeks after welcoming their daughter, Giuliana.

During promos for her first season, Rachel used the tagline, “I’m too busy running a business to care about you.”

According to multiple outlets, Rachel — who helps run Valet King with her husband — is worth an estimated $400,000.

The pair, who tied the knot in January 2017, have two daughters, Giuliana and Gianella. John is also the father of a teenage son named Jaden from a previous relationship.


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