Samsung admits it uses AI on phone cameras to capture those perfect moon photos

People who use Samsung have often boosted about the pictures of the moon that the phone captures, but some questioned if they were fake

The long debate about iPhone vs Samsung has often seen people go against each other on social media. Even with iPhone bringing many changes with its latest 16.4 update, the discussion seems to continue.

However, recently Samsung became the talk of the town when people started speculating that the moon captured by the phone was fake.

Samsung’s moon photos explored

People have often shown pictures of the moon that were clicked on Samsung and quite often they were thrilled to see how the device was able to capture its unique features.

However, things changed in March when a Reddit user posted a thread claiming that the photos were fake.

In it, the user explained his point by sharing two pictures of the moon and claimed that the device was adding details that were not there, to begin with.

The user noted: “If you turn off “scene optimizer”, you get the actual picture of the moon, which is a blurry mess (as it should be, given the optics and sensor that are used).”

What Samsung said about these ‘fake’ photos

After the post went viral on social media and platforms like TikTok, Samsung finally broke its silence and confessed that AI technology was integrated to make sure that the camera captures a good photo.

In its statement, the brand noted: “Samsung is committed to delivering best-in-class camera experiences in all conditions. Since the introduction of the Galaxy S10, the Samsung Galaxy series has harnessed artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in its cameras to help users capture every epic moment anytime, anywhere.”

“As part of this, Samsung developed the Scene Optimizer feature, a camera functionality which uses advanced AI to recognize objects and thus deliver the best results to users.”

Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Does the iPhone camera also have an AI feature?

Yes, the iPhone also has an AI feature. This was first introduced in 2019 when Apple launched its iPhone 11 Pro.

Following this, all the models were equipped with the new AI feature that allowed the camera to take eight pictures intermittently before the shutter button is pressed.

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