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Samsung slashed $3,500 off its massive 85-inch 8K Neo QLED smart TV

Samsung Neo QN900B 85″ 8L QLED TV

Brilliant 8K Smart TV with all the sounds and whistles you’ll ever need.

There are a lot of great TVs out there, with some of the best TVs Samsung makes. But if you’re looking for the absolute pinnacle of what the company has to offer, look no further than the QN900B series of its Neo QLED 8K Smart TVs, which offer 85 inches of screen real estate. Although this TV normally costs $8,500, the company is now offering a limited-time discount, bringing the retail price down by $3,500. If you are looking to get something unique for your home or office, this TV will be just the thing.

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This TV delivers 8K resolution, in a slim and sleek package, that looks great, no matter what room you put it in. The screen features Quantum Matrix Pro technology consisting of small LEDs, which provides the best picture quality, with excellent colors and contrast. Contrast is improved thanks to Samsung’s Quantum HDR 64X technology. In addition, the TV uses its own Neural Quantum Processor 8K to provide excellent upscaling, rendering any content up to 8K.

Best of all, no matter where you sit, it will be the best seat in the house, with its anti-glare TV screen and amazing viewing angles. Gamers will also find the QN900B series great for playing all kinds of games, with the TV supporting a 120Hz refresh rate for consoles, and a 144Hz refresh rate for PCs. In addition to all of the above, the TV is also capable of producing immersive and powerful sound through Dolby Atmos technology and Object Tracking Sound Pro. You’ll be able to hear sounds coming from all angles, without the need for any external speakers or additional speakers connected.

In addition to all of its hardware and enhancements, Samsung’s software really shines with the Smart Hub, which creates a shared space where all of your favorite shows can reside. The company’s Gaming Hub also provides additional gaming rewards with access to popular game streaming services like Amazon Luna, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Nvidia GeForce Now, and more. You can also seamlessly connect smartphones to the TV, making it easy to share content and also use your phone as a remote control. If all of this sounds amazing, be sure to make your purchase while the discount is still in effect.

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