Scene from Simpsons movie has many convinced it predicted the Willow Project

The Simpsons are known for their eerie predictions and some are convinced that it might have seen the Willow Project taking a form of reality.

Fans have been convinced that The Simpsons has managed to predict the future as they have come across various examples to prove this theory.

The latest one to be added to the list is the idea that the show predicted The Willow Project.

What is the Willow Project?

The Willow Project was a proposal that suggested drilling down petroleum on Alaska’s North Slope as it is rich in oil.

It is estimated that the region will allow the production of 180,000 barrels of oil a day. However, the idea had been receiving backlash from the residents of Alaska as they feared the health risks it would bring with it.

Not to forget, some were concerned about the state of plants and animals that could be affected by this step.

On March 14, The Biden administration approved the project.

Simpsons movie explored

In 2007, The Simpsons movie came out and some are convinced that it predicted The Willow Project.

In the film, Homer suggests that the entire family movies to Alaska and start a new life. As the family drives to the state, Homer notices it looks different from the picture he has seen.

Viewers are shown oil drilling machines. He is shocked by the scene and loses control of his car on the way. As the family tries to maintain their balance they land on another road which shows the Alaska of Homer’s dream.

As they reach the checkpoint, the family is given $1000 by a guard at the checkpoint who explains: “Welcome to Alaska. We pay every resident a thousand dollars to allow the oil companies to ravage our state’s natural beauty.”

Fans think the movie predicted The Willow Project

It did not take long for fans to connect the dots as some were convinced the show predicted the Willow Project.

One user wrote: “not the Simpsons gone have a episode of them having the willow project in Alaska already.”

“Always on point…they always tell us, we don’t pay attention,” wrote another. “They know something that we don’t,” wrote another.

“They didn’t predict it, they were giving you a trailer,” noted another. However, some argued that Alaska was seeing oil drilling even before the world got to know about the Willow Project.

“They have been doing that before the Willow project was a thing,” said one. “This has been happening for years,” noted another.

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