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Silent Hill 2 developers say the remake isn’t ready for release, despite recent reports

A new statement from Bloober Team dismisses rumors that an upcoming remake of Silent Hill 2 is ready for release. The studio revealed that the development process continues as long as the team ensures that the game is presented at the highest quality.

Last week, a Polish media outlet shared an interview with the CEO of Bloober Team, during which the studio head confirmed that the game was “technically ready,” but the official statement from Bloober Team now reveals that it didn’t mean the game was ready to go, blaming the Inaccurate translation as the cause of this misunderstanding.

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“It is also not true that we have announced that Silent Hill 2 is ready for release,” the statement read. “No matter the stage of development, all of our activities focus on obtaining the highest quality final product – the quality Silent Hill 2 fans deserve.”

Furthermore, Bloober Team also explains that the sales projections that went viral as the target sales for Silent Hill 2 Remake were also incorrect. The developer explains that it was just an indication of the potential success of games in the same genre as Silent Hill 2 Remake that the studio will focus on in the future, and doesn’t represent any financial goals for any specific title.

Later, Bloober Team promises that more details on Silent Hill 2 Remake will be shared in due course. “We understand that players are awaiting more information about Silent Hill 2,” the statement read. “As soon as this information becomes available, we are sure that Konami, the publisher of the game, will share it with fans.”

Silent Hill 2 Remake was officially announced last year, but the game doesn’t have a release window yet. Konami has already greenlit a number of new projects from the Silent Hill franchise, all of which were overlooked last year during a dedicated show. However, there is no set release date for any of the projects yet.

While developers Bloober Team have shared some important details about the Silent Hill 2 remake and their take on the hugely popular horror experience, Konami has been very quiet about the project since the announcement.

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