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Simba: The First Game Revealed By A Teaser Trailer – Game News 24

Square Enix unveiled a teaser trailer for the company’s first blockchain-based game and NFT called Symbiogenesis, which you can watch here.

As is the case, the film does not reveal the nature of the title. The title seems to be set in a floating fantasy world. The official Symbiogenesis website is already accessible at this address, where Square Enix describes it as an interactive experience, using a plot to access the site. The game is on-board and it will be possible to play with a browser – 10.000 NFT is one of the largest collectibles available.

Each digital token is modeled after a specific character in the game, including different professions and races. These NFTs will be sold in installments as I publish chapter six of Symbiogenesis.

By unlocking the main story and character base, players will uncover the secrets of the world of Symbiogenesis and ultimately determine the outcome of the story based on participation in world missions, where the final decision is to be made. It is not only the three players who will help him take part in this mission, but everyone else will be watching the finale as spectators.

To reach the game’s finale, users must collect information and items, but they are difficult to obtain, and require cooperation between players. After the quest is completed, you need to click on the location of the floating continent map and solve the puzzle. Players can keep these items for themselves or cooperate with other players.

Humanity remained on the floating continent, a safe place on Earth where it could live despite pollution. As conflicts arise, peaceful people remain. Unfortunately, their lives are ruined by a dragon attack, which destroys the floating continent. As the humanoids fight to defeat its attacks, they face choices that will decide their fate. It is the essence of Symbiogenesis that unravels the mystery of the origin of the world, so that they have to come up with a choice to find an ideal future.

Progress through main missions and unlock character stories. Hidden objects can be found on the floating continent. Participating in world missions determines the final choice at the end of the story.

There are several ways players can obtain these items: tap on the list of suspicious items, and use information and hints to find them at the store.

The most interesting parts of the story are the item-finding puzzles. However, to access these stories, you must be able to select either their names or their replicas. There are some cases where a single hint is the best way to find an item. However, players must match several clues in order to find the solution. Obtaining information is vital for completing various missions.

If you want to complete the World Conquest quest and complete the final stages, you must complete all of your quests and you will meet certain requirements for conditions. However, the item is very difficult to find and requires players to cooperate. In many ways, many ways would be possible. Whether as a single player to monopolize essential resources or share them with close friends or to work together with multiple players. Only 3 players will be able to join the final mission. Players who do not receive these items will be able to see the results of the World Mission. By completing missions at a local auction, players can earn extraordinary NFTs instead of rewards.

The Simiogenesis chapter is scheduled to launch in mid-June, and the first series of NFT figures will arrive on the official website in late April. We don’t have any game videos right now, so we’ll have to wait for more details from Square Enix, which should explain the gameplay dynamics.


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