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SKKN who? North West’s skincare era may be upon us

It looks like Kim Kardashian is preparing to pass the entrepreneurial torch on to her eldest North West. On March 10, Kardashian filed four trademark applications under her nine-year-old daughter’s name, in the same breath registering North’s name as a text-only trademark.

Under goods and services there was mention of advertising services, toys and even skin care.

In the trademark focused on skincare, the goods and services allegedly include “non-medicinal skin preparations, skin moisturisers, skin lotions, skin creams and cleansers”. I’m sorry, SKKN who?

For toys, the wide range of play items listed under the second trademark app included action figures, playsets, bath toys, and “soft sculpture toys”. Meanwhile, the fourth and fifth applications pertain to advertising and entertainment services, respectively.

Of course, these trademark applications don’t necessarily mean we’ll be seeing Northee’s toys and skincare line (though we’ll be very much here for that).

Simply put, Kim is laying the groundwork for if or when the North decides to launch either of these lines. In that case, trademarks — if approved and officially registered by the USPTO — would protect the brand name and logo used on the North’s goods and services.

Fashion critic, street style pioneer, artist, movie star, Ice Spice fan, and now entrepreneur? It looks like the Girlboss era of North West is upon us.

The Kardashian effect may have lost its luster, but that probably only applies to the adults of the clan. Kim’s kids have already outdone her. Will they topple Girlboss as well? Know in the next episode stick with the answer,


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