Solomon Buchi dragged to filth again for saying men who don’t rape an indecently dressed or drunk woman deserve N2 million; he reacts

Self-acclaimed life coach, Solomon Buchi has been dragged to filth on social media for the umpteenth time over a tweet he shared on Thursday, March 23.

The controversial media personality had opined that men who do not sexually molest an indecently dressed or drunk woman should be rewarded.

In the now deleted tweet, Solomon stated that men should be gifted N2 million for not raping a drunk woman or one wearing revealing clothes.

According to him, such men deserve praises because it’s not easy to have high morals.

He tweeted,

“When a man doesn’trape an indecently dressed woman or a drunk woman, he should be rewarded with like 2M Naira. It’s not easy to be a decent human being.”

See below,

solomon buchi

His tweet sparked an outrage on social media and he was called a rape apologist for indirectly defending rapists who defile women because of their outfit.

Following the backlash he received, he took to Twitter to publicly apologize for his statement, and said he didn’t intend to be insensitive.

He said his tweet was in reaction to the discourse about the man who was rewarded with N50k for returning 10.8 million Naira mistakenly sent to his account.

According to him, people should do good because it’s the right thing to do, not because of a reward.

He wrote in a follow-up tweet,

“The tweet I made about rape was me innocently trying to paint an equivalence of how people should not be rewarded for not committing crime, especially about the argument that 50K wasn’t a good enough ‘reward’ for him returning 10m that doesn’t belong to him. People should be decent for decency sake.

However, that didn’t go well. I should have been more sensitive with my wording. I never intended to sound insensitive. I was riled by how much people tried justifying rewarding not committing crime. I apologize. It was a gaffe. Again, I apologize.”

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