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Spencer Polanco Knight: The Beatboxing Influencer’s Net Worth Will Blow Your Mind

Spencer Polanco Knight, also known as Spencer X, was born on April 20, 1992, in Manhattan, New York. He is a beatboxer, social media star and YouTuber. Spencer became famous for his fast-paced, spontaneous beatboxing and music videos on YouTube and TikTok. He has been named an artist to watch by several publications. He currently has 55.3 million followers and is the 17th most followed person on the platform.


His original music, produced tracks and comedic sketches propelled him to fame. Knight explained in a 2020 interview that he first became interested in beatboxing during his sophomore year of high school, according to Forbes. He claims that he watched several YouTube tutorials to learn how to beatbox. In 2012, he launched his own YouTube channel. He currently has 2.63 million subscribers.

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All About Spencer X’s Social Media Career


Knight’s now-deleted YouTube video, “One Beatboxer, 14 Genres,” became the first to go viral in October 2014. She was mentioned in a segment of USA Today the following month, as it attracted a lot of attention.

She was listed as an all-time favorite alongside Charli D’Amelio, Dixie D’Amelio and Addison Rae Easterling in Forbes’ list of TikTok’s 7 highest-paid stars, released on August 6, 2020. Spencer was included in Forbes’ 2021 list. Social media celebrities under 30.


What is Spencer Ax’s Net Worth?

According to the TikTok Wiki, as of 2022, Spencer X has an estimated net worth of close to $5 million. His social media accounts, music, brand deals and NFTs are his primary sources of income. Spencer X can potentially earn over $25K per TikTok post. According to the outlet, it is possible for her to earn upwards of $10K for a single brand-sponsored post on Instagram, depending on the brand.


His net worth on YouTube is around $500K, with brand-sponsored videos earning him over $25K. Spencer has worked for Citibank, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Vans, Yelp, Saks Fifth Avenue and many other companies, for which he could potentially charge upwards of $25,000. Additionally, they launched an NFT on the Waves Duck platform for 12500 Waves, which can be exchanged for over $110,000.


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