Sweden: Malmö police sends Muslims good wishes for Ramadan, doesn’t recognize other holidays

The Malmö police are just getting ahead of the curve. Before too long those other holidays won’t even be allowed in Sweden, and so why bother noting them now?

“Malmö Police celebrates Muslim fasting month: ‘Ramadan Mubarak,’” translated from “Malmöpolisen firar muslimsk fastemånad: ‘Ramadan Mubarak,’” Samnytt, March 23, 2023:

In a post on social media, Malmö Police announces that it is paying attention to Ramadan and wishes its followers “a nice month and holiday.” However, several criticize and question the outcome.

“The past year has involved a number of trials,” Malmö police write in the post that caused reactions. “Ramadan Mubarak from the Malmö police,” wishes the authority.

To several questions from different people about why you don’t go out with a corresponding greeting during Jewish holidays, or even Swedish ones, the police give the same answer:

“We have a good relationship with the various faith communities and congregations in Malmö, regardless of religious affiliation. The fact that everyone’s holidays have not been noticed via social media does not mean that they are less valuable or that we do not cooperate with them. This has been a local initiative where the Muslim population is large and where we wanted to wish them a happy holiday.”

“Strange that the Police – as far as I know – do not pay attention to other religious holidays such as Jewish and – God forbid – Swedish holidays,” notes one person.

Last year, Samnytt drew attention to the fact that the Malmö police used a veiled woman in their recruitment campaign, something that also attracted attention.

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