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The Jew Patriot: Meet the Innovator Who’ll Help You Avoid Getting Hacked

“I’ve been hacked!” Words many of us have been using lately. Then, we turn on the news, scroll social media or talk to friends and the headlines go crazy. Our privacy has been invaded. Our security is at risk and worse, we feel lost and betrayed.

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You don’t have to be Jewish to be with Cindy, but it makes me proud to be both Jewish and Zionist when I can introduce you to a person and company whose innovation and expertise can help everyone and everywhere.

Shekhar Daniels is a 44-year-old native of Tel Aviv who is the CEO of Alaram Technologies Ltd., a global provider of Internet access solutions.

I spoke with Shacher recently about the rise of the fear of losing our privacy through the Internet and technology. He talked about the innovations his company has made, especially after the pandemic struggle of the past few years, and that it’s less than what you’d pay for the cheapest electronic device like AirPods or dinner at a restaurant. With Money you can secure your personal information. Through a department of alarm, even if you feel helpless and afraid of your computer.

The company operates in two distinct segments: Solutions for Enterprises and Solutions for Consumers. Both divisions use advanced and unique tools to meet their data collection and privacy needs that no other company has been able to provide globally.

“Due to customer demands, we have transformed from a traditional enterprise cybersecurity-focused company to an established leading provider of enterprise and consumer Internet access solutions,” said Daniel, who noted a change in consumer demands a few years ago. .

NetNet is well positioned as a world leading brand in the field of data access. It provides a global web data collection cloud service based on our proprietary traffic optimization and routing technology and network. During 2022, we doubled our network infrastructure, which is now capable of supporting and processing billions of client requests. The increase in the company’s capabilities is a result of the onboarding of several strategic customers as well as the expansion of NetNet’s network by partnering with tens of Internet Service Providers.

CyberKick addresses the consumer market and provides Internet access privacy and cyber security solutions. Consumer-side solutions designed to allow users to take charge of their online privacy with a powerful, secure and encrypted connection. These solutions are installed on consumers’ computers or mobile phones and are available through various browsers and mobile application stores.

CyberKick’s business model is very attractive to investors interested in acquiring new users and allows the company to build revenue-generating assets that are expected to generate future revenue streams. Thanks to this unique model, we have successfully secured funding from a strategic investor who chose to invest directly in our customer acquisition program, as well as a line of credit for working capital from a major Israeli commercial bank to support this operation. have also received

Shacher Daniels is one of our co-founders and has served as our Chief Executive Officer and Director since June 2016. Prior to serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Safe-T Data, he served as the Chief Operating Officer of Safe-T Data since November 2013. Mr. Daniels has over 10 years of experience in various managerial roles in operations and project management. From 2012 to 2013, he was the PrimeSense Ltd. Served as head of the program at Apple Inc. on November 24, 2013. was acquired for $360 million. Prior to that, and from 2009 to 2012, he was Head of Operational Project Managers at Logic Industries Ltd., and from 2004 to 2009, he was Elbit Systems Ltd. (Nasdaq/TASE: ESLT) as Project Manager. Mr. Daniel has B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from Holon Institute of Technology, Israel and MBA from College of Management Academic Studies, Israel and an Executive Post MBA from Hebrew University.

Alarum Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: ALAR) is a global provider of Internet access solutions. The company operates in two distinct segments: Solutions for Enterprises and Solutions for Consumers.

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