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The John Wick 2 plot hole was resolved by the director – the Winston | sign was used Movies | entertainment

As fans prepare for John Wick chapter 4, there’s no doubt that there will be plenty of rewatches of the first three movies along with catching up on the first. The franchise’s most exciting cliffhanger thus far has to be the end of John Wick’s Chapter Two. Keanu Reeves’ murderer has been declared incommunicado after executing Santino inside the Continental Hotel, which is an absolute no-go in the high table’s underworld. In the film’s final scene, Principal Winston, played by Ian McShane, gives Wake a sign saying “You might need this, down the road” before giving him one hour before announcing the price on his head to all the killers in New York.

Fans will remember that the sign was introduced at the beginning of Chapter 2, when Santino approached Wick and gave it to him. It is a metal object containing a blood oath and having helped the killer to retire, is now claiming his debt.

So Winston gave Reeves’ killer one too, but who was it? At the beginning of the third act, Wake chooses to recall another one he had hidden in the New York Public Library. He ended up presenting this medal to Sophia Halle Berry in Morocco, so what happened to the other one?

Without spoiling anything, he didn’t appear in John Wick Chapter 4 either, but franchise director Chad Stahelski got involved as he believes the Winston tag was used.

talk with screen smashJohn Wick’s director said, “We look at signs like a blank check. A sign that means, ‘You give me your soul. ‘ As if it’s good for one life – you risk your life, kill a life, save a life. It’s good for one life. We thought it would be Great if Winston’s final farewell to John is “Well, just so you know what a father figure I am, I’ll give you a blank check in case you need it.” But only call him if you need him. And that’s where we left it.”

Stahelski admitted he’s a little open to interpretation, but he shared the exact moment in Chapter 3 when he thought Wick called in the Winston sign. The director added, “Well, Winston is an interesting character. He always has an angle. So I think Winston thinks John has cashed it out — on the surface.” [Chapter 3]. But there is more.

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Fans will remember that after the demonstration on the roof of the Continental Hotel, the hotel manager realizes he must kill Wick to have peace with the High Table, but shoots him specifically in his flak jacket, sending him running out of the building into a bruised spot. But not fatal. .

Stahelski explained: “It helped John but not in the way John wanted it to. But it was the only way out. I’m fascinated by the idea of ​​a dilemma. Choices always define character, not skills. So we’re constantly trying, in every scene, to put someone in a bad situation. If I watched John Wick [Chapter] 4, I hope every scene you go to “there is no good choice here”. So yeah, John needed help on 3, and Ian gave him that. Just not the way he wants.”

John Wick: Chapter 4 hits theaters this Friday.

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