The Kingdom concludes on Netflix with surprisingly short season

Is The Kingdom (El Reino) renewed for season 3 on Netflix? HITC investigates.

Some audiences have been waiting since the summer of 2021 for a continuation of The Kingdom (original title El Reino) and the wait is finally over, at long last.

Netflix rolled out season 2 of the Argentine dramatic thriller series on Wednesday, Match 22nd 2023 and, fortunately, it hasn’t disappointed. We may have already had new shows like Kaleidoscope premiere on the platform this year, but make no mistake, this familiar series is sure to scratch an itch for its diehard fans like no other.

When it premiered in 2021, it was quick to resonate with fans of the genre, and Netflix has a great track record with it considering titles from Ozark to Better Call Saul.

Diving into the story of a vice president candidate stepping up as a presidential candidate in Argentina following an assassination during the electoral campaign, it’s proven a riveting and rewarding watch. However, it’s time again to contemplate the future. So, is The Kingdom or El Reino renewed for season 3 on Netflix?

El Reino Cr. Marcos Ludevid/Netflix ©2023

Is The Kingdom renewed for season 3 on Netflix?

It has already been confirmed that The Kingdom concludes with its second and final season, offering audiences a degree of closure to leave them satisfied following the finale.

Taking this into consideration, no cancellation was announced but it’s come to an end all the same.

As for how many episodes we have this time around, it’s only six, which is quite a step down from eight episodes in season 1.

Nevertheless, the installments are eventful and sure to win over viewers.

The Kingdom season 2 episodes

The episodes of The Kingdom season 2 are as follows:

  • Episode 1: Gods Or Monsters
  • Episode 2: The King’s Men
  • Episode 3: A Plan
  • Episode 4: Divine Violence
  • Episode 5: Absolute Power
  • Episode 6: The Ninth Hour

More shows like The Kingdom on Netflix

With there being no season 3, those who have finished the second will undoubtedly be looking for their next binge.

Fortunately, Netflix recommends the following titles under its ‘More Like This’ category:

The Kingdom is streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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