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The Real Story behind Jon Pointing’s Relationship with Sarah: A Timeline

Discovering Jonathan Pointing: The Talented Actor, Writer, and Comedian

Jonathan Pointing is a well-known name in the entertainment industry. He is an actor, writer, and character comedian who has made a mark with his talent and humor. With various successful movies and TV shows under his belt, Jonathan has become a household name.

Jon Pointing (Image: Source)

Jonathan Pointing’s Movies and TV Shows

Jonathan Pointing has worked in various movies and TV shows. One of his most popular movies is ‘Big Boys’, where he played the role of the lead character. The movie received critical acclaim and was appreciated by audiences.

Another notable project that Jonathan has been a part of is ‘Pls Like’, a popular British mockumentary web series that parodies the world of social media influencers. The show has a huge following and has been appreciated for its unique concept and hilarious writing.

BAFTA Nomination

In 2018, Jonathan Pointing received a BAFTA TV nomination for the Best Male Performance in a Comedy Program for his role in ‘Big Boys’. He was nominated alongside the famous Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliff. This nomination is a testament to Jonathan’s acting skills and his ability to make audiences laugh.

Jon Pointing
Jon Pointing (Image: Source)

Stand-up Comedy

Jonathan Pointing is not just an actor but also a talented stand-up comedian. His stand-up routines are easily accessible on the internet and have become quite popular among comedy fans. Jonathan’s humor is known for its dark and adult nature, and he isn’t afraid to speak his mind on sensitive topics.

Jonathan’s Political Views

Apart from comedy, Jonathan Pointing is also vocal about his political views. He often talks about the problems in society and isn’t afraid to address political issues. His direct and straightforward approach has earned him a following among people who appreciate honesty and sincerity.

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Is Jon Pointing Gay? Unveiling the Truth About His Sexual Orientation

Jon Pointing, a renowned performer in the entertainment industry, has been the subject of speculation regarding his sexual orientation. Despite the rumors, we can confirm that he is not gay. In this article, we will provide evidence that supports this claim and discuss his personal life in detail.

Confirmed: Jon Pointing is Straight

While Jon Pointing has never directly addressed the rumors about his sexual orientation, we can confirm that he is, in fact, straight. According to sources, he revealed that he tied the knot in July 2021, although the post in which he announced his marital status has since been removed. Therefore, whether or not he is currently married is unclear.

Despite the lack of clarity surrounding his marital status, Jon Pointing has mentioned his girlfriend Sarah in several interviews. He has described her as being incredibly humorous, vivacious, and a people person. Although he keeps his personal affairs private, it is evident that he is in a committed relationship with Sarah.

Debunking the Rumors

There have been several rumors circulating about Jon Pointing’s sexual orientation, but these rumors are baseless. There is no evidence to support claims that he is gay or involved in any same-sex relationships. While he keeps his personal life private, there is no indication that he has ever been romantically involved with another man.

Jon Pointing
Jon Pointing (Image: Source)

Why Was the Post About His Marital Status Removed?

The removal of the post in which Jon Pointing announced his marital status has sparked confusion among his fans. However, there has been no official explanation as to why the post was taken down. It is possible that Jon Pointing and his wife decided to keep their marriage private or that there was an error in the post.

Get to Know Jon Pointing: The Irish Actor with a Charming Smile

Jonathan Pointing, also known as Jon, is a talented 36-year-old Irish actor who resides in Lewisham. He is known for his charming smile, which has captured the hearts of many. In this article, we will take a closer look at Jon Pointing and his journey as an actor.

Growing up, Jon lived in a neighborhood that was considered proper and posh. However, his involvement in the acting industry has allowed him to embrace his artsy and creative side, which is reflected in his looks. With a short back and sides and long hair on top, Jon has a unique haircut that stands out. He often pairs his look with an oversized vintage Reebok jacket.

Despite his cuddly body, Jon has an energetic and playful vibe that he attributes to his Golden Retriever-like personality. Although this led to some challenges during his high school days, Jon has stated that he has never been bullied or treated unfairly.

Career as a Comedic Actor

Jon Pointing’s career as an actor began in 2012 when he joined the National Youth Theatre. Since then, he has starred in several successful productions, including “Plebs,” “The End of the F***ing World,” and “White Gold.” He is also known for his comedic talents and has performed in several comedy shows, including “The Now Show” and “Newsjack.”

One of Jon’s most notable performances was in the comedy-drama series “Plebs,” where he played the character of “Jason.” His role in the series earned him critical acclaim, and he was praised for his comedic timing and natural acting skills. He has since become a household name in the British comedy scene.

In addition to his work in television, Jon Pointing has also performed in several theater productions. He has worked with several notable theater companies, including the Royal Shakespeare Company, where he played the role of “Mopsa” in “The Winter’s Tale.”

Jon Pointing
Jon Pointing (Image: Source)

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Big Boys TV series: Jon Pointing’s Stellar Performance as Danny

Channel 4’s Big Boys has become a hit series, thanks to its relatable storyline and captivating performances. One of the standout performances comes from Jon Pointing, who plays the character of Danny – a student at Brent University who struggles with mental health issues.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Pointing’s portrayal of Danny and how his performance has earned him a nomination for Best Comic Performance from the Royal Television Society.

The Character of Danny in Big Boys

Danny is a character that many viewers can relate to, as he’s a typical university student who loves to party, drink Red Stripe, and hook up with attractive women. However, Danny’s mental health issues prevent him from enjoying life to the fullest.

Despite his struggles, Danny is a lovable character, and Pointing’s portrayal of him has been nothing short of exceptional. Pointing brings a level of authenticity to the character that makes viewers empathize with him and root for him to overcome his challenges.

The Connection Between Pointing and Rooke

One of the reasons Pointing was a natural choice for the role of Danny is because he shares a personal connection with the show’s writer, Jack Rooke. Both Pointing and Rooke have experienced the pain of losing a loved one – Rooke lost his father to cancer and his best friend to suicide, while Pointing lost a close friend in his twenties.

Their shared experiences with loss have allowed Pointing to bring an added depth to his portrayal of Danny, which has resonated with audiences and critics alike.

Pointing’s Performance in Big Boys

Pointing’s performance as Danny has been a highlight of the show, and it’s no surprise that he’s been nominated for Best Comic Performance from the Royal Television Society. Pointing’s ability to balance the humor and vulnerability of the character is what makes his performance so captivating.

Throughout the series, Pointing portrays Danny with a level of authenticity that makes viewers forget they’re watching a TV show. He’s able to capture the nuances of Danny’s mental health struggles while still making him a relatable and endearing character.

Jonathan Pointing: The Rising Star in the Comedy Industry

Jonathan Pointing, a young and talented comedian, has been making waves in the entertainment industry lately. Despite not having a Wikipedia page at the moment, he is slowly but surely gaining recognition for his work.

Jonathan Pointing
Jonathan Pointing (Image: Source)

Age and Early Career

At just in his mid 20s, Jonathan Pointing has already made quite a name for himself. He first began his career in comedy by performing stand-up gigs in local bars and clubs. He quickly caught the attention of industry insiders and was soon offered roles in television and film.

Television Career

Jonathan’s latest comedy TV show, ‘Awed,’ is set to premiere on June 10, 2021, on BBC 3. Fans are eagerly anticipating the release of the show, which is expected to be a hit. Jonathan’s acting skills and comedic timing are sure to make the show a success.

Physical Appearance

Despite being relatively new to the scene, Jonathan Pointing has already caught the eye of many due to his tall stature and moderate weight. Unfortunately, his exact height and weight are currently unavailable. Nonetheless, his physical appearance certainly adds to his charm and charisma.

Social Media Presence

While Jonathan Pointing has not yet made a mark on social media, it is highly likely that he will in the future. Currently, his Instagram account cannot be found, which may be due to his account being private or him not being very active on social media.

Family Background

Jonathan Pointing prefers to keep his personal life private, especially when it comes to his family. Details about his parents are currently unknown, and he has not made any public statements about them.

How Actor and Writer Jon Pointing is Making Waves in the Industry

Jon Pointing is a multi-talented artist making his mark in the film, television, and theatre industries. With a growing list of credits to his name, he is proving himself to be a force to be reckoned with. In this article, we will explore his journey and achievements, including his writing and acting credits, as well as his latest project, Act Natural.

Writing Credits

Pointing has established himself as a skilled writer, with three writing credits for short films under his belt. These include Life Guru (2012), The Last Day (2015), and Double Act (2017). His writing skills are evident in the compelling storylines and nuanced characters he creates.

Acting Credits

Pointing’s acting career has been just as impressive, with a diverse range of roles showcasing his versatility as an actor. He has appeared in Life Guru (2012), The Phone Call (2013), The Last Day (2015), @Elevenish (2016), Damned (2016), Liam Williams’ Valentine (2017), Double Act (2017), Pls Like (2017), and The Great Unwashed (post-production). These credits span across film, television, and online platforms, demonstrating Pointing’s ability to adapt to different mediums.

Act Natural

In addition to his writing and acting credits, Pointing has written and stars in the play Act Natural. The play premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2017 and follows the story of Cayden Hunter, a disillusioned and egotistical acting coach whose life takes a tragic turn.

The play has received critical acclaim for its insightful commentary on the acting industry and Pointing’s masterful performance.


Jon Pointing is an artist on the rise, with his talent and hard work paying off in the form of numerous credits and recognition in the industry. His writing and acting skills are evident in his work, and his latest project, Act Natural, is a testament to his creative vision and ability to bring complex characters to life.

Keep an eye out for Jon Pointing in the future, as he is sure to continue making waves in the entertainment industry.


1. Who is Jon Pointing and who is Sarah?

Ans: Jon Pointing is a British actor and comedian, known for his role in the British TV series “Plebs” and the comedy show “Jon Pointing: Act Natural”. Sarah is a private individual who has been romantically linked with Jon Pointing.

2. When did Jon Pointing and Sarah meet?

Ans: The exact timeline of their relationship is unclear, but it is believed that they met in 2018 when Jon was performing in a comedy show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Sarah attended the show and they hit it off.

3. Are Jon Pointing and Sarah still together?

Ans: It is not currently known whether Jon Pointing and Sarah are still together. They have not been seen together in public recently, and neither of them has made any public statements about their relationship status.

4. Did Jon Pointing’s relationship with Sarah affect his career?

Ans: There is no evidence to suggest that Jon Pointing’s relationship with Sarah had any impact on his career. He has continued to appear in TV shows and perform live comedy shows since news of their relationship first emerged.

5. Have Jon Pointing or Sarah commented on their relationship publicly?

Ans: Neither Jon Pointing nor Sarah has made any public statements about their relationship. They have both chosen to keep their personal lives private, and have not commented on the media speculation surrounding their relationship.

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