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The unruly passenger has been accused of biting and kicking police while being pulled from the plane in Miami, Florida

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Friday, March 24, 2023 10:25 PM

Removing an unruly passenger from a Frontier flight

miami – An unruly passenger has been placed under arrest after he behaved badly on a flight in Miami.

Police say she got into an argument with another passenger.

The cabin crew asked her to leave the Frontier Airlines flight, but she refused, so they called the police.

Once arrested, police say she struggled, kicked, scratched and bit the officers.

They had to physically carry her across the tarmac in Miami.

The accident occurred while boarding Flight 2326 from Miami to Philadelphia.

Simon Brenna Kim, 24, of Texas, faces numerous felonies and misdemeanor charges.

Frontier issued a statement saying, “Yesterday, during the boarding process for Flight 2326 from Miami to Philadelphia, two customers got into a verbal altercation that resulted in one customer asking to get off the plane. Upon refusal, assistance was sought from local law enforcement. We resort to Miami-Dade Police Department for additional information.

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