TikTok post alleges Netflix horror movie so scary that only 4 per cent finished it

Is the Untold horror movie from TikTok on Netflix and is it real? HITC investigates.

Horror fans are always alert and on the lookout for movies that will manage to do the unthinkable: absolutely scare them silly.

Indeed, there are plenty of terrifying movies on Netflix but seasoned genre fans will always find that it always gets harder and harder to genuinely scare themselves with the more films they watch. Looking over 2023, we’ve already seen movies like Scream 6 and Winnie The Pooh: Blood And Honey make an attempt to ratchet up the tension. However, you will have made it to the end without having to cover your eyes, no doubt.

So, when you hear somebody talking about a film so scary that the majority of those who have seen it couldn’t get past the opening, you have demanded attention. With that in mind, let’s address a recent Tiktok and consider whether the Untold horror movie on Netflix is actually on there and if it’s real.

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Is the Untold horror movie on Netflix and is it real?

A TikTok from account user tmi_7 recently posted a video that details an alleged new horror movie on Netflix and the video features a poster for the film. However, after doing some research, it’s confirmed that the movie isn’t on Netflix because it doesn’t actually exist.

“There is a new horror movie on Netflix that some people are saying is the scariest movie ever made,” tmi_7 explains with the mock-up poster in the background.

“It’s called Untold and according to this Netflix algorithm report, it says that 96% of all accounts turned the movie off at exactly nine minutes and 45 seconds. Now, I watched the movie past nine minutes and 45 seconds but almost everybody I told about this movie had to shut it off right there.Only 4% of accounts were able to finish the entire movie.”

This is all a fabrication and there are some telltale signs. Firstly, the website that is displayed at the bottom of the poster doesn’t direct you to a website for the movie. Secondly, logging onto Netflix and searching for it you won’t find it anywhere, despite the release date on the poster saying March 7th.

Last but not least, the idea of only 4% of accounts being able to complete their viewing is incredibly farfetched. Nevertheless, it’s a persuasive way to grab horror fans’ attention. With all of this considered, you won’t find it on the likes of any streaming services, from Hulu to Peacock.

‘96% couldn’t find this movie’

The comments on the TikTok post are rather varied and some have joined in the prank of sorts by alleging that they hopped onto Netflix and watched the movie.

On the other hand, others have made fun of the attempt.

‘96% couldn’t find this movie and the other 4% didn’t care,” one commenter wrote.

Similarly, another wrote “your movies are never on there” while another added that “it’s about a movie that doesn’t really exist, and everyone who is looking for it becomes crazy and murderous.”

Horror movies on Netflix you should see

Although you won’t find the Untold horror movie on Netflix, there are some horror movies on Netflix worth your time:

  • Apostle
  • A Classic Horror Story
  • The Clovehitch Killer
  • Fear Street Trilogy
  • Get Out
  • Hush
  • Insidious
  • The Woman In Black

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