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Tokyo Revengers season 2 episode 12 release date and time

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 12 will be released on Saturday, March 25th at 10:08 a.m. PT. For global fans, the new episode will be released exclusively on Disney Plus And Hulu, while fans based in Japan can watch it on TV Tokyo, TV Aichi and MBS. The release schedule will vary depending on your location:

  • Pacific time: 10:08 a.m
  • Mountain time: 11:08 a.m
  • Central time: 12:08 p.m
  • Eastern time: 1:08 p.m
  • British time: 5:08 p.m
  • European time: 6:08 pm
  • Indian time: 10:38 pm

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What happened earlier in Tokyo Revengers?

The episode started with the meeting of the first generation of the Tokyo Manji Gang. Draken explains that they have been on bad terms with the Black Dragon for a long time; However, they had a truce. But due to the conflict between Hakkai and Taiju, and the independent decisions made by the Toman members, they had to fight against the Black Dragon. Drakken called the attacker Hakai, and the latter explained how it all began. Hakai apologized to everyone and everyone supported him.

Mitsuya stated that Hakai would remain the deputy commander of Touman’s 2nd Division, and everyone supported the decision. Drakken then summons the attacker Inoue and Konoe, who inform everyone that Taiju has retired and that they have captured the eleventh generation Black Dragon. They further reveal that the Black Dragon will now operate under Touman, and Miki claims that Takemichi will be the leader of the Black Dragon’s first division.

Takemichi asks if it was his personal decision, to which Miki reveals that Inui and Kokonai said they would only join if Black Dragon was under Takemichi’s control. Miki then called Kisaki forward and kicked him out of Touman after learning about the incident with Chifuyu.

Hanma stepped forward and claimed that if Kisaki was to go, he’d be out of Toman as well, meaning that all members of Moebius and Valhalla would leave Toman with them. But Miki seemed unfazed, and Kisaki tried to convince him to keep them in Toman; However, Mickey left.

The next day, Draken and Mikey are fixing a bike, and it turns out that they were planning to give it to Takemichi. Mickey told him how his brother found the bike’s engine, now Draken and completed the bike. Miki and Takemichi then go out for a ride, and the former teaches him how to ride it.

Mickey also tells him where his brother found the bike parts, and they decide to go to the same place one day. Later, Takemichi and Chifuyu talk about how they were able to change the future, and the former thanks the latter for his help. Before going back to the future, Takemichi met everyone one last time and then met Naoto to go back to the future. After returning to the future, Takemichi finds himself at Mitsuya’s funeral.

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