TopCashback's new Easter puzzle turns beloved family game into a chance to win big

TopCashback has launched its epic spring 2023 game for UK customers, called Easter Treats, and it’s all about winning cash by collecting virtual eggs.

The free site has more than 15 million members across the globe and helps you get a little bit of money back on all your everyday spending.

Each time you shop for food, clothes or other staple items at participating retailers you’ll get a percentage of that cash back, making saving a little easier.

Here’s everything you need to know about TopCashback’s Easter 2023 competition including how to play and what you can win…

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What is TopCashback’s Easter Treats 2023?

TopCashback’s Easter Treats promotion is a virtual egg hunt in which you can get cash added to your TopCashback account.

It started on Monday, March 27 and runs all the way until Easter Sunday, April 9, and you can start playing at any time.

All you have to do is collect Easter eggs on the TopCashback website during the promotion which will add up to cash prizes.

It comes as McDonald’s has just launched a new competition too called Winning Sips, where you can win cash, food and merchandise.

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How to play the same

All you need to do is sign up for a TopCashback account for free. Then, you can start winning money.

Every day, a question will appear on the site’s homepage that you need to answer and get right. All the answers are a certain shop or TopCashback partner.

Then, you need to head to that cashback page, find the cartoon hummingbird and click on it to recieve an egg. There are different eggs you need to collect to win cash:

  •  1 Stripe Egg – 10p cash
  • 2 Green Eggs – 20p cash
  • 3 Pink Eggs – 50p cash
  • 3 Multicoloured Eggs – £1 cash
  • 3 Flower Eggs – £5 cash
  • 4 Star Eggs – £10 cash
  • 4 Bunny Eggs – £20 cash
  • 4 Chick Eggs – £100 cash

There are more hummingbirds hidden around the site that you can try and find throughout the day too, which will get you more eggs and hopefully – more cash!

Every time you click on a hummingbird, you’ll also be entered into a prize draw to win a whopping £1000. You can get an extra five entries by sharing on Facebook or Twitter.

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All the answers to TopCashback’s Easter Treats so far

If you missed the first few days, you can still go back and collect those hummingbirds. Here are the answers so far:

Day 1 (March 27) – The Royal Mint

Day 2 (March 28) – RAC UK Breakdown

Day 3 (March 29) – Radisson Hotels

Day 4 (March 30) – Superdrug

Day 5 (March 31) – Db

Simply log into your account and head to the corresponding TopCashback page to collect your eggs!

When you complete an egg set, the cash will be automatically added to your TopCashback account and processed within 72 hours.

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