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United Kingdom government would welcome Qatar’s bid for privately owned Manchester United


Senior UK government figures have reportedly admitted they would privately welcome a Qatar-backed bid for Manchester United.

Representatives of Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani were present at Old Trafford on Thursday where talks with senior club officials regarding the sale took place.

The conversation was said to be positive.

The People’s Person reported that Sheikh Jassim is prepared to pay more for United and a second bid is expected.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe was personally present at the same venue on Friday. He communicated in a similar way. As in the case of Sheikh Jasim, Ratcliffe’s second bid is said to be planned.

According to Politico, senior UK government officials are ready for Qatar to take over the reins of the Theater of Dreams and invest in the country.

Politico details, “UK government figures say they would privately welcome Qatari investment in Manchester United, as the club’s owners consider a £4bn bid from a member of the Middle East state’s ruling class.”

“A senior UK trade envoy told POLITICO that Britain should ‘fully embrace foreign investment in this country from the Middle East, be it in football or green energy,’ when one of the world’s most famous football clubs One was asked about the possible sale of Qatari ownership.

Another key figure in the UK government, a minister with a close interest in the proposed deal, said Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al-Thani’s bid – the chairman of the Qatari Islamic Bank – would be a ‘good investment’ if it came with assurances that The wider community will benefit.

Politico mentions that both sources spoke on condition of anonymity.

Politico says, “An official at the Department for Trade and Commerce said the UK government was not actively involved in the potential sale of Manchester United and that the department has ‘no view’ on Qatar’s bid.”

Those close to the process are targeting the conclusion of the acquisition by next month.

Preferably, a new owner should be in place just in time for the summer window where Erik ten Haag will need to be supported as he looks to strengthen the squad.

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