Unstable actor talks real-life musical talent 'It's hard to look cool playing the flute'

Netflix’s latest comedy series Unstable stars Rob Lowe alongside his real-life son. In the series, his son is a talented flute player. With this in mind, many are curious to know, does John Owen Lowe play the flute in real life?

Set in a biological research company, a son with social issues is forced to work alongside his father, the founder of the company. Rob Lowe stars as the father, an extremely eccentric and exotic man determined to save his son from disaster. Alongside his father, John Owen Lowe plays the role of his troubled son.

The whimsical Netflix series promises to leave audiences laughing as it details the complex relationship that children share with their parents later in life. Unstable hit screens on Thursday, March 20, 2023.

Unstable Cr. John P. Fleenor/Netflix © 2023

Does John Owen Lowe play the flute in real life?

No. However, outside of his acting work, John Owen Lowe is a musician but plays a different instrument.

In a recent interview with Netflix, the actor discussed his real-life relationship with his dad, what it was like working with a parent, and how the development of his character Jackson resulted in him having some incredible flute talent.

“I play the piano. Jackson plays the flute, which is something I would never do. No offense.”

In relation to how his character ended up with such a specific talent, John Owen Lowe claimed the idea came from one of the show’s co-creators Victor Fresco. “We thought that the flute was having a resurgence, perhaps thanks to Lizzo. It’s also a funny instrument. It’s hard to look cool playing the flute.”

The actor continued, “Lizzo does it, but there’s not many other people who can do it. I certainly can’t.”

Unstable © Netflix | John P. Fleenor

John Owen Lowe’s IRL musical talents

The writer/actor is often active on different social media sites including Instagram.

John recently took to his official account to share a snippet of some music he had been working on:

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The video features a sample of an original song written and performed by John Owen Lowe. As he plays the chords, he also sings over the top of the melancholic anthem.

No doubt this is not the last the internet has seen of John Owen Lowe’s musical talents.

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Unstable is streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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