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Warzone 2 DMZ: Caved In Guide

If you’re a big fan of Warzone 2 DMZ, you’ll find yourself progressing through each faction mission and reaping the rewards each one has to offer. When you complete Level 2 Story Mission: Train Tracks, you will have unlocked the third level of the White Lotus Faction mission. One of these missions is acquiesced ina returning mission from Modern Warfare 2 Season 1.

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Caved In is a file Level 3 quest for the White Lotus Faction, and it is divided into three main objectives that you have to complete. These goals are Mooring a boat in the caves on the banks of the river at Satiq CavesAnd Search for and extract smuggling records In the caves on the banks of the river, then Put sensitive documents in the same place where the smuggling records were found within the same publication. Doing so rewards the bootleg Lockwood Mk2, along with 10,000 XP.


Mooring of a boat in the river caves at Satiq Caves

The first and easiest part of the Caved In mission is Mooring a boat in the caves on the banks of the river at Satiq Caves. The entrance to the waterway to the caves on the banks of the river is located at The western side of the Al-Satiq Caves complex, just between two bridges that lead to the main site. Simply locate the nearest boat or jet ski, which is marked on your tac map, and drive it to that location.

You will need to Docking the boat in the port (marked as a gas station) within this area to complete the first part of this mission.

Now that you’re in the riverside caves, you’ll need to Find and loot smuggling records. Finding this item can be very difficult due to the large number of Qatala soldiers in this location, so take your time here and eliminate any enemies you come across. smuggling records can be Found inside a hut next to the entrance to the right side of the caves on the banks of the river.

To complete the second stage of this quest, you will need this Extract smuggling records. However, before you head to the nearest exfil point, you will also need to complete the third objective in order to complete the mission as a whole.

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Placing sensitive documents in the original location of smuggling records in the same spread

Where to find sensitive documents to complete the Caved In mission for Warzone 2 DMZ

To complete the final stage of the Caved In Faction quest, you will need this Put sensitive documents in the exact location where the smuggling records are. Although this is the third and final goal, this must be done before the smuggling records can be extracted. This is because the task specifies that it must be done in the same deployment process as the previous two tasks. The best thing to do is find the sensitive documents first, then head to the caves of Satiq to start this platoon mission.

Where to place sensitive documents and extract smuggling records to complete the Caved In mission for Warzone 2 DMZ

File lockers in banks, police stations, and strongholds result in a high spawn rate for sensitive documents. However, you can too You find them in the lockers – which are revealed on your tac map when completing the Destroy Supplies contract. Once you have the sensitive documents, Put them in the same place where you found the smuggling recordsand then exfil with smuggling records to finish this task.

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