Was He Looking for a Job From Biden? 65-year-old ‘Baby’ Busted for Stealing Diapers

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How insane is our society today? How much does it encourage and even glorify what any other society would readily identify as mental illness? A recent case in the sleepy town of Clarkson, N.Y., gives an indication of how far we’ve fallen: a 65-year-old man has been arrested there for breaking into several day centers. He wasn’t looking for cash; he was looking for diapers, which he wanted to wear in order to assume the identity of a baby girl. There have always been severely deluded, mentally ill people like this poor man; only in our day, however, would such a man likely be told that his best path to “mental health” would be to indulge his delusions.

Rochester, N.Y.’s WHAM reported Thursday that Daniel Seeler, who is eligible to receive Social Security checks, “allegedly entered a Clarkson daycare center while it was closed, stole diapers and formula, and left notes behind indicating he wanted to pretend to be a baby girl.” This particularly revealing (and revolting) drama of our times began back on Jan. 30, when Jennifer Price, the director of Inspire! Learning and Childcare in Clarkson, informed the cops that one of her employees had found $120 inside the center, along with a note. The note asked whether or not Inspire! had adult-sized diapers on site, and asked the staff to “play along.”

Price says that when they found the money and the note, they immediately called the cops and installed a surveillance camera. Whoever was breaking in, however, was undeterred: the following Monday, center employees found another note making the same request, along with $200. On Feb. 11, Price “arrived at the center to find someone had gone through children’s diaper bins and left another note and money.” This time, “the note included sizes for pants, shoes, bras and dresses, with the man indicating he liked to play as a baby girl and called himself ‘Baby Danielle.’”

This well-adjusted fellow was caught the following week. The center’s security system was activated on Feb. 18, and Price saw “surveillance video showing a man playing with diapers and piecing them together to make a bigger one. She said the man went into the bathroom, pulled his pants down, put the diaper on and then put his pants over it before running out of the building. She said she later found someone drank half of a bottle of formula, used a bib and stole three diapers.” Seeler ran out of the center, but police were waiting and they arrested him.

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