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Web3 studio Overlord taps Dan Houser-backed Revolving Games to create NFT game – Decrypt – Cryptosaurus

Got Lizard People? Web3 projects Overlord, and it has enlisted game studio Revolving Games — backed by Rockstar Games co-founder Dan Houser — to develop a video game in the Overlord ecosystem, which includes the colorful Lizard NFTs.

Overlord co-founder Dom Smith tells Decrypt about plans for the yet-to-be-named sci-fi game, which aims to span multiple planets and universes and be “cross-chain from Day Zero.”

“The game is an immersive exploration of the Overlord universe where players will be battling their way to interplanetary dominance through skill, strategy and finesse,” said Smith.

There will be different alien civilizations for players to face, each with their own lore.

“Each species has its own motivations and skills, and because of their unique abundance of resources and technological advances, they have different styles of conquering their enemies,” Smith said.

Overlord’s Web3 gaming strategy focuses on gameplay first and game economics second, with Smith saying the team is “laser-focused on mainstream adoption”.

“Blockchain is supposed to be invisible,” Smith told Decrypt. “Players get to enjoy all the cool benefits of asset ownership and on-chain mechanics without even knowing it is happening on-chain.”

“For us, blockchain is a technology, in the same way Unity or a development language is,” he said. “It should invisibly facilitate the playing experience.”

In February, Overlord announced that it is working with NFT fan and actor Seth Green’s Stupid Buddy Studios to develop an animated series based on the Creepz Lizard NFT, which will premiere in January 2022. Launched on Ethereum and has generated a total of over 35,800 ETH since then. Business. Whose price today is about 65 million dollars.

Revolving Games confirmed to Decrypt via email that Overlord Creepz will be using its own tools to create the game.

Overlord’s game deck states that the Creepz collection also includes several celebrity owners, including Green as well as musicians Seiya and Steve Aoki, actor Elijah Wood, and YouTuber and gamer FaZe Banks.

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