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What goes into a $9,000 rank? Purple is shown in a new, ultra-luxury font

Purple has expanded its mattress lineup to include three new, ultra-luxury models that promise the best sleep of your life…if you’re not up awake panicking about how much you spent. The new Luxe range includes three models, with prices starting at $4,299 for the smallest and cheapest model and going up to $13,000 for the largest and most luxurious.

Good sleep is a priority, and we always say it’s worth spending a little more in order to get the best mattress you can afford. These are pricier than many of today’s top luxury mattress models, so you might want to hold onto the lilac sale before you take the plunge.

I wonder what could guarantee such an exorbitant price? top model in Lux group (Opens in a new tab) Do Purple Grand mattress (Opens in a new tab), which includes “layers of the latest technology that deliver life-enhancing sleep.” This is something of a Frankenstein’s Mattress Monster, in that it has a little bit of everything. Springs, latex, foams, gel nets…you name it, Grand it out. Let’s take a closer look.

(image credit: magenta)

On top there is a quilted cover. So far, very normal, though in this case black, because at some point someone decided that would be the signifier of all excellent mattresses, without regard to anyone who might want dull-coloured sheets. Underneath this topper is a layer of cushioning foam followed by a layer of latex. (This is the only one of the Purple beds to use latex.) Together, these layers are designed to provide luxurious comfort.

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