What NADECO wrote to DSS concerning Tinubu

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By Adedeji Egbebi

The National Democratic Coalition (NADECO) has urged the Department of State Services (DSS) to apprehend those intent on destabilising the democratic transition of power from President Muhammadu Buhari to Sen. Bola Tinubu.

Prof. Atilade Adeeyo, the group president, stated this in a statement issued in Oye-Ekiti.

This comes a day after the DSS confirmed plots by some political actors to introduce an interim government in Nigeria.

In reaction to this, NADECO urged for a peaceful transition between the current administration and the next.

”We urge the DSS to terminate the undemocratic and unpatriotic activities bent on disrupting the democratic transition of power from the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government to the president-elect.

”The nation has just witnessed a peaceful, fairest and freest presidential poll and others that have ushered in the new set of leaders for the next political dispensation in the country.

“Some enemies of the nation will not allow peace to reign because of their selfishness and greed for power.

“We must not allow some selfish, greedy and unpatriotic elements who place their selfish interests above the popular and patriotic interests of the nation to disrupt this transition process and plunge our dear nation into chaos,” the group said.


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