Why Was Xie Lian Voice Actor Arrested? What Did He Do And Where Is He Now?

Why was Xie Lian Voice Actor, arrested? Many Heaven Official’s Blessing fans are curious to learn the reason behind his arrest. 

Xie Lian is the main character of the Chinese BL novel “Heaven Official’s Blessing” by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu. He is a powerful deity once revered as the Crown Prince of the Xian Le kingdom.

Throughout the story, he seeks to uncover the truth behind his past and redeem himself. Xie Lian is known for his kind, compassionate nature and unwavering loyalty to those he cares about.

The main character’s voice-over is done by Jiang Guangtao, who has been recently arrested with four others. Explore more about the arrest case via this article. 

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Why Was Xie Lian Voice Actor Arrested?

Jiang Guangtao, a famous voice actor who worked on the BL donghua Heaven Official’s Blessing, has been accused of criminal offenses and dealt with by the authorities.

ComfyBowl’s translation on Reddit suggests that Jiang was arrested for misappropriating $2 million worth of public funds in late 2022.

Houlang Studio, which terminated its contract with Jiang, alleges that he and three other individuals, including two employees of the studio, committed major crimes in 2021.

Xie Lian is the main character of the Chinese BL novel “Heaven Official’s Blessing” (Image Source: Reddit)

After failed attempts to communicate with the individuals, Houlang Studio reported the case to the public security organ in 2022, which is currently under review and prosecution.

More investigation is ongoing; the charges against him have not been revealed, and people are curious if the show’s new season will get released. 

What Did Jiang Guangtao Do, And Where Is He Now?

Guangtao is a well-known voice actor. He hails from mainland China. 

The voice actor has been accused of committing major crimes, including misappropriating public funds, according to Houlang Studio, which terminated its contract with him.

Guangtao was arrested in 2022 and is still in custody. The clarification behind the case has not been revealed; more investigation is ongoing. 

It involves a large amount of money, suspected of occupational theft, as high as tens of millions of yuan.

A message released after the arrested of Xie Lian voice Actor
A message was released after the arrested of Xie Lian’s Voice Actor. (Image Source: Reddit)

The exact reason behind his arrest has not been disclosed, and it is not mentioned about the case running.

Hopefully, the case and the reason behind his arrest will be revealed after the entire investigation.

With the voice Actor, four other people whose identity has not been revealed have been illegally arrested. It is said that two of them are employed with him. 

Aside from being arrested and getting released, people are curious to know if season two of the show is getting fired. 

Hopefully, it will get released, as thousands of people have been waiting for the new season for a long time now. 

Xie Lian Voice Actor Jiang Guangtao Net Worth 

According to the source, the voice Actor net worth is $5 million.

He was best known for his role as Xie Lian in the famous Chinese animation series “Heaven Official’s Blessing.” As a voice Actor, he would typically earn income from contracts with animation studios or video game companies. 

Jiang’s primary income source was his voice Actor work, particularly for Chinese animation and video games.

Additionally, he might have other sources of income like business and investments, which he has not disclosed in public yet. 

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