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You just tried your first DIY Android phone fix – here’s what happened

The Nokia G22 is a smartphone that is designed to be easy to repair. Or more specifically, it’s easy to swap out the battery, charging port, and screen. According to the manufacturer Nokia HMD, these three components are the most susceptible to damage or wear through normal use. So, by making it easier to swap out these components, people would theoretically be able to keep their phones for much longer.

It’s still too early to say how this will happen in practice, but it’s still an important step for the phone industry. But to say that the phone can be easily repaired and made sure that it can be done by normal people is another matter entirely. So I got the Nokia G22 and decided to do the repair myself – following the instructions From iFixit repair specialists. (Opens in a new tab)

I’ve never actually repaired a phone before. The closest I got was to disassemble my PS4 to clean the dust off the fan, which was awful at the time. Nobody wants to risk breaking a device that costs a few hundred dollars, even if it’s a fairly simple procedure.

(Image credit: Tom Pritchard/Tom’s Guide)

If you have ever paid attention to the subject of phone repair, you will realize that the process can be quite complicated. Notable problems include excessive use of adhesives, waterproof sealants, use of proprietary screws, and issues with third-party parts compatibility, or specialized software that was only available at “certified” repair shops.

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