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Zachary Levi has his own take on Shazam! fury of the gods “biggest issue”

Start finger pointing! As for the relatively disappointing critical response (and to the box office numbers) Shazam! fury of the gods Roll In, star Zachary Levi officially begins the “Whose Fault Is It All?” Caucus. According to Levy, the fault lies not with the film’s quality, but with its marketing campaign.

Levy initially opted to express his opinion via Twitter, where he (slightly) stoked the fire of some fans who alleged that devoted fans of DC director Zack Snyder were to blame. shazam Sequel flop.

One fan wrote, “There is no denying that there are many Snyder fans right now who are cheering for your movie’s failure and many of them want everything to come to fail because they want to see their director’s films.” Do not continue.” ,

In response, Levy deemed the fan’s claim “sad but true”, but also noted that how much a given Snyder stan seems to delight in his downfall really affects box office numbers “is anyone’s guess”. Is.” ,Shazam! fury of the gods opened to just $30 million, a huge drop from the $53.5 million opening of the 2019 original.)

“I think the biggest issue we have is marketing,” Levy wrote. “It’s the perfect family film, and yet not many families know about it. Which is just a shame.

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However, in another reply, Levy clarified that he does not have a direct relationship with Snyder’s disciples, and is in fact a huge supporter of Snyder’s films in general.

“I don’t have a problem with Snyder fans. Heck, I’ve seen almost all of his movies myself,” Levy writes, “My issue is with anyone who wants to destroy something, just because it’s not what they want. It comes from hate, not love.”

Levi isn’t the first of his co-stars to take a very public stand Shazam! fury of the gods Very Bad Reception: Earlier this week, Rachel Ziegler led a Twitter crusade against “stupid meanness”, pointing out that the film has an 85% fresh audience score on Rotten Tomatoes (up from the current score of 87%). sits.)

“I know, I know, “if you can’t handle the heat…” and that’s all bullshit, and you’re right,” Ziegler writes. “But our movie is really great. It’s just cool to hate on fun nowadays. That’s fine. They were good.”


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