Before stardom with… Victor Daniel

You trained as a lawyer but you are now in the tech space; how’s the transition going?

It’s going alright. I’ve always been a writer, and what I’m doing in tech is writing. So, I need some adjustments here and there and I’m good to go. It’s not exactly a smooth ride but I’ve always insisted that I can do any writing if I really put my mind to it.

Was it always your dream to be a lawyer?

Oh, not really. I dreamt about becoming a lot of things before I eventually settled for law. In Junior Secondary School Two, I thought I would be a doctor but then I realised I was terrible at Chemistry. That was when it dawned on me to focus on the arts. As a good art student, there was only one natural conclusion when it came to choosing a career, so I studied law.

You are very popular on social media; how do you handle the attention?

Well, it’s certainly something I have to get better at as time passes. But I believe that I have great people skills and I know how to read the room. Therefore, my gaffes are few. I also go to far lengths to sanitise my personal space and this has helped me a lot.

Does it get exhausting sometimes?

Absolutely. Sometimes, I take short breaks from social media to focus on real-life stuff. Social media messes with your endorphins and this may cause depressive bouts and severe mental exhaustion.

So, I know when to stay away from everything. For example, during the past elections, I deleted my social media apps so I could stay away from all the toxicity going on online. Then, messages can get exhausting, too.

Do you still do things you did before you became popular?

Yes, I understand that people can get carried away by all the attention they get online. So, I try very hard to focus on the things I used to enjoy outside of social media. I try not to let all the attention shape my general opinions and worldviews.

So, I go out to, you know, touch the grass. My closest friends are not people who are very active on social media, so I use them as crutches to keep my offline interactions going. At the end of the day, I’m just a regular guy who has a bunch of followers online.

You’re quite into a lot of other things like online tutoring, digital marketing and content/copywriting. Which best describes you?

Above anything else, I’m a content guy. Everything I do revolves around content. These days, I’ve been trying to step outside the conventional label of a writer. Beyond being just a writer, I’m a creator. Everything I do gives wings to my content. I like to believe that I always have something to give, so I continually share learning opportunities with my followers. Sometimes, I tutor in these classes but, most times, I don’t. However, if you’re ever paying me for anything, it’s very likely for content or copywriting. That’s what I do best.

Have you ever been in a situation where you wished you were not that known?

Of course. The thing is, the standards are higher for you if you’re popular. You’re held to almost impossible standards, especially if you don’t have a notorious reputation.

If you’re popular for being controversial, people don’t expect much from you. But if you’re someone who generally stays away from trouble, well, better be immaculately clean because people expect you to be without blemish. I’m trying to create a context for something here. So, being popular puts me in a different light and I become very susceptible to judgement.

The court of public opinion may not spare you from things that other people may get away with. When you’re popular, people don’t regard you as an actual human being with feelings. So, they say the meanest things to you without expecting you to react to them.

What’s the craziest thing a ‘fan’ has done to you?

I’d like to point out that I’m not exactly Davido, so I’m not going to have any exciting tales about this. But, I’ve had a couple of stalking experiences. You know, people are so crazy about you that they stalk you down to your personal space. Someone sent requests to all my family members on my Facebook profile and entered their inboxes to ask them questions about me. Back in the university, someone admitted to my roommate that she got into a sexual relationship with him because she was trying to know me better.

What’re your favourite online watch codes?

Don’t give people on the Internet too much power over you. Be careful with the things you consume because the Internet influences us more than we like to admit. The opinions we read online actually do something to our established beliefs and principles, so you have to be very careful about what you consume. Don’t be a troll.

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