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Final Four: Fans of the respective NCAA teams arrive in Houston to participate in community events prior to the star-studded games

Houston, Texas (KTRK) – The city of Houston was in full swing as the NCAA Fan Fest made its way downtown with plenty of family fun.

Space City turned championship city, showing fans from Florida, California and Connecticut just how hospitable Houston can be.

John Coghlan is a UConn fan and says he loves the Bayou City. “I love Houston. Houston was amazing,” he said.

On the other side, Miles Barr came out to support San Diego State. “It was fun. The fanfest is great. It was great,” said Parr.

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Dana Sokoloff graduated from Florida Atlantic University’s Cinderella cast. “So far, it’s a lot of fun, just seeing all the fans and all the teams here and celebrating and having such a good time,” she said.

But the madness was more like grief for some of the local fans. Kayson Soto said it was hard to find a team to root for because he’s a University of Houston fan who was unfortunately eliminated in the Sweet Sixteen tournament.

However, the city has worked hard to give everyone something they deserve, regardless of whether they participate in the games. Thousands of people were expected to attend the Saturday night music festival, with Lil’ Nas X taking the lead.

Lil Nas X fans said they wanted to see a good show but also wanted the outspoken queer artist to take a stand. “I hope it says something about all the passing bills going on. I hope it makes a statement,” said Rowan Randall, a fan.

With the Astros also playing, there was work on just about every corner.

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However, the main event was on the minds of the people who traveled to Houston from the coasts.

“I think we’re going to have a strong team game,” said Miami fan Jared Spooner. “I think we’re going to make it out in the end like 68-64.”

“I just hope to win,” Barr said.

“I think I got the Huskies 82-68, not even close,” Coughlan said.

Sokolov added: “I’ll go with the owls.

There was still plenty to do, even for those who weren’t into college hoops. Houston Police Chief Troy Fenner said he’s proud of the city because the last two nights of FanFest went off pretty much without a hitch.

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The lawn at Discovery Green is where hundreds of people in the host city of the NCAA men’s basketball game didn’t care.

The Pena family from Houston went downtown to catch an Astros game.

Houston native Samantha Williams said there was so much going on in the city that she didn’t know which game was going on.

“I don’t even know what game you’re playing right now,” said Williams. “I love my city,” she said. “I feel like no one compares to Houston. We’re just different. We’re built differently.”

The free music festival has attracted a different kind of fan, even some who have traveled a few states to join in the festivities.

Jillene Wright came from Louisiana to see Megan Thee Stallion on Friday. “I also wanted to see Lil Nas and Flo Milli,” she said. “They are some of my favorite artists.”

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Many enjoyed the competitive events inside the George R. Brown Convention Center.

The fun continues as plenty of activities happen to keep fans entertained until the championship game on Monday at 8:20pm

On Sunday, there will be a men’s four-way dribbling final, where youth 18 and under will take on a one-mile dribbling course from City Hall to the men’s Final Four Fest and Tim McGraw and Keith Urban headline the Capital One JamFest stage.

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